Are there Child Modeling Agencies in Mississippi?

Mississippi isn’t a state with a large demand for child models, however, there is still the need. Children of all ages can be required for commercials, TV shows, events and more in local Mississippi cities. When that need arises, your child must have a talent agent representation to get the call to fill the position.

Limited Mississippi Modeling Agencies

Despite being very few modeling agencies in Mississippi, nearby Georgia and Illinois are two states with many agencies who can provide representation for your child. Also, with larger markets and needs for child models in select areas of these states, your child may very well extend their career into these areas as well.

Action Talent Agency may very well be the only agency within the state. They are located in Jackson where they serve children and teens. There are no costs associated with using the services of Action Talent as they work on commission once a job has been booked.

Action offers training classes for those interested in becoming an actor, though quite different from a “school.” Action Talent Agency accepts modeling portfolios only by mail.

Modeling Agents Surround Mississippi

Should you travel to Georgia there are numerous other agencies for you to choose from.  Many world-renowned modeling agencies can be found in Atlanta, including Ford Modeling, Click Modeling and Hop Models. Illinois also offers a magnitude of top modeling agents as well, including   both a Ford Models & Click Models, BMG Models and many others.

You should not stop with these states when attempting to discover a child modeling agency, as you may also be able to find many others in Tennessee and numerous other states. There is always hope of a modeling career if you are willing to go the extra mile to make things happen.

So, no matter which way you choose to travel, there is an agency available to assist your child to become a modeling star or enjoy it as a hobby. Sometimes to get what you want you must work for it. These short trips can be worth it in the end and you will both feel awesome inside. Besides, who could pass up a chance at a road trip across these beautiful areas?

Choose Carefully

If you decide to use one of these modeling agencies you can rest easy that you are dealing with a reputable company. However, should you choose to work with another modeling agent, be sure to carefully research.

There are many companies out there who try to profit off of your desires to enter the world of child modeling. They’ll sell you expensive classes, portraits and portfolios, though there will be very little work to come after your money has been invested.

By carefully conducting your research you can be certain that you will find an honest, reputable child modeling company no matter where you live. Check out Action Talent, but do not stop there. The more your child’s picture is out there the more shot at landing a gig they’ll have.

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    Looking for Child Modeling Agencies in Mississippi for my 7 year old son.

  2. Elizabeth Richardson-Tolbert

    I’m looking for a Child Modeling/Acting Agency in MS for my 8 and 11 yrs old daughter. We are willing to travel for auditions, but we are looking for a great fit. We are not in a rush; therefor, we are seeking the best option. Thanks

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