Best choices in Colorado Child Modeling Agencies

Child modeling can be a ton of fun for both parents and kids. Whether your child wants to enter the industry as a hobby or on a professional level, there are many opportunities that await the selected children.

How to find a Child Modeling Agency

One of the most important things to do when interested in modeling on any level is find a child modeling agency. These agencies are found throughout the state of Colorado, accepting babies up to teens for various modeling projects in the state and throughout the country as well.

Finding a trustworthy agency is the key in making your goals possible. Not all modeling agencies are going to make things so pleasurable, seeming to want nothing more than money, money and more money. Instead of wasting time on such a company, take the time to find an honest company.

The good Fish in the Sea

Despite the bad fish in the sea the list of modeling agencies for children in Colorado are numerous. With a bit of time and research there will be no question that you are working with an agency that truly shares a genuine interest in placing your child.

While there are definitely many more than what is listed, these modeling agencies are among some of the best that can be found in the state. Contact these agencies and inquire of their child modeling representation policies. A visit to their website may also provide the information needed.

MTA Talent Agency

Mattus Talent Agency, or MTA Agency, is a full service modeling agency in the Colorado Springs area. They represent more than 100 clients and have composed a total of 57 national concerts. The child modeling company has been around since 1967 and is recognized as one of the top agencies in the Colorado Springs area.

Big Fish Talent

Located in Denver, Big Fish Talent represents babies and children of all ages. Submission of a photography package is required to request representation from the modeling agency. While teens should focus on professional portraits, babies and children need only a quality photograph for submission. Big Fish Talent has been serving models for more than 20 years, helping you confidently introduce your child to the agency without reservation.

Donna Baldwin Agency

The Donna Baldwin Agency is a Denver modeling agency representing children ages 5 to 12 who live in the state of Colorado. As a well-respected, award-winning company, working with the Donna Baldwin Agency could be a life-changing decision for you as well as your child. Selected children can find themselves appearing in magazines, on the covers of magazines, in ads, TV commercials and more.

Farell Talent Management

Farell Talent Management accepts children aged 5 and older. They are located in Denver and offer individuals the expertise of more than 25 years working in the Colorado modeling industry. They offer professional services for both boys and girls, never with any upfront fees required. Application packages can be completed on the web or submitted by mail. Two photographs should be included with that submission.

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