Best Modeling Agencies for Kids in Texas

Children are needed throughout Texas to model a variety of products and services, ranging from new clothing from your favorite fashion designers to a new fruit juice on the market. Child models are also booked for spots in commercials, magazine ads, TV shows and movies and more. If your child has shown an interest in modeling, a good modeling agency is the first step towards their future success. Take a look at the best modeling companies in the state of Texas. Working with any of these agencies will find your child the foot in the door they need to make it to the top.

The Campbell Agency

The Campbell Agency is a top-notch modeling representation agency located in downtown Dallas. Girls and boys are needed by The Campbell Agency for work as voice-over’s, fashion, commercial print and more.

Kim Dawson Agency

Located In Dallas, the Kim Dawson Agency was founded in 1959. More than 50 years later the agency is still considered as the premier modeling agency for Dallas children 4 years of age and older. Kim Dawson Agency works with some of the world’s best modeling centers in LA and New York, helping more children find jobs backed by success. Well-known celebrities such as Angie Harmon, Selena Gomez, Bridgett Hall and many others all made their start with this agency.

Acclaim Talent

Acclaim Talent represents children ages 5 to 12. The agency  seeks children who have personally shown an interest in modeling or entertaining as well as have a bit of experience, such as with the school play. Although some people assume that only the most beautiful, most perfect children are accepted, Acclaim proves this isn’t the case and seeks children with all types of looks, all races and ethnicities. Once you submit your child’s portfolio and photographs Acclaim will contact you if there is potential work for your child.

Callipe Talent Management

Callipe was founded in 1993. They currently serve the entire Texas area with a second office based in LA. Children of all ages can find representation with the modeling agency. Talent with Callipe has be seen in commercials, movies and in print, with clients including Jack in the Box, Numb3rs, American Idol, Travis Tritt music videos, Dillard’s, Payless, Disney and many others. The award-winning agency is located in the San Antonio area.

Clipse Model Management

Ty Kilinic began Clipse Model management 17 years ago and continues to serve as a premiere modeling agency in the Dallas area. Children of all ages are welcomed to submit photographs and a resume for placement consideration.

Neal Hamill Agency

The Neal Hamill Agency brings to the plate more than 30 years of experience. The agency is located in the San Antonio, Texas, area, working with girls aged 12 and up and boys who are 15 or older. Portfolios can be submitted online, after which time the agency will contact children who meet their requirements.

These reputable agencies can quickly and easily help you get your child into an amazing modeling career in no time at all. And, you can rest assured that you aren’t wasting time or money with a Texas modeling agency that isn’t truly interested in helping achieve your child’s goals.

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  1. Mrs Sanderson

    Hello I have two year old fraternal twin boys who look so much alike I been trying to put them in modeling and acting they are handsome, smart, energetic and so lovable these handsome little guys need to be seen.

  2. Sandy Myers

    Hello! I just moved here from Illinois and my son had an agent in Illinois but now we are here in Texas, trying to get him into modeling here. My son is very energetic and loves to entertain. He model for a company where he song at a mall in front of a big crowd, where he received a standing ovation and he also walked the run way. He is ready and determined to start modeling again!


  3. Beyoncé vasquez

    I really want to help my parents with financial and things like that so I really want to entertain people and model.I thought this would help my family because we’re in a hard position right now so I want to do something for them.I feel bad because I’m barley in 11 years old and I can’t help.I would really want to help by doing anything.

  4. Jadazia Brown

    Hello . I Have A One Year Old Little Girl , amd Im Trying To Get Her Into Some Modeling She Is A Cutie I Must say I Have Plenty Of Pictures That Id Have No Problem Sending In . Head FUll OF HAIR , Beautiful Brown Skin . I Hope We Get A Email Back !!!


  5. Aliciana Nesbary

    My name is Aliciana I have two beautiful kids, we just relocated from Michigan in august, I been sending off photos, to different places, but still nothing, just came upon this page, and wondering what its about, and maybe something might happen. My son is eight and my daughter is 10.

  6. kendall

    Google Starlets Baby Modeling Company. They handle babies of all ages. Have fun!

  7. gabby

    hi, i’m gabby i’m 10 years old i like to model and sing. I’ve always been into these activities . i play soft ball and have lots of friends.i live in San Antonio TX .I love modeling. and would like to be in a commercial some day birthday is December 5th ,2006.can you give me some modeling agencies or companies in San Antonio or Holotes TX ? Hope i get a reply thx bye!

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