Best Modeling Agents in Maryland for Kids

Are you looking for a modeling agency for your child? Have you noticed that so many of them expect your child to attend classes, take photographs and build comp cards, costing hundreds to thousands of dollars? These agencies are not those you want to become involved with. Likely, no work will come for your child and you’ll be out every single penny you’ve invested.

Modeling agencies who want to genuinely work with your child will not charge for these things, especially upon the start of a modeling relationship. In fact, a legitimate child model agency works off a commission once your child has been booked for a gig.

Rather than waste money, time and cause yourself frustration with an agency that may not be on the up and up, take a look at some of the best child modeling agents in Maryland. With these agencies your child really can get their foot in the door to an amazing career if they have what it takes to succeed.

Linda Townsend Management

Linda Townsend Management represents newborns all the way up. Children under 4 are not required to audition, though those over 4 will need to attend an audition. Upon submission of resume/photographs/portfolio, Linda Townsend Management will submit to their clients and contact you when your child may be selected for a job.

NOVA Agency

NOVA accepts females 13 years of age and older as well as males 17 years of age and older. This prestigious company was founded in 2008 with a beautiful Baltimore location. Print and editorial spots are available for models with the NOVA Agency, however it is important to note that NOVA is very selective in the persons chosen for modeling.


Jauggernaut serves children in the Maryland and Virginia areas. The modeling agency has been around since 1997, helping many inspiring child models land desirable roles. Jauggernaut has clients including Ralph Lauren, Campbell’s Soup, Gilmore Girls, Harley Davidson and many others.]

Taylor Royall

Taylor Royall represents models in the Maryland/Virginia area, including children. This agency has been helping inspiring models reach their dreams for more than 30 years, serving as one of the state’s most trusted modeling representation companies. They are located in Baltimore.

Charm City Management

Charm City Management represents babies up to adults who want to model through their boutique model management company. Their list of clients includes Parents magazine, Dove, Target and many others.

Models Connect, Inc.

Models Connect, Inc. is a Baltimore model agency representing girls 14 years of age and older. Many different types of jobs are available for teen models including commercial spots, magazines, TV shows, music videos and more. Their client list is long, and choosing Model Connect, Inc. could take your young model to the top. 

As you can see there are certainly many choices available throughout Maryland for your child. Those listed above are among the best that you will find however there are many other modeling agencies throughout the state as well. Carefully choose your child’s modeling agency and you are sure to provide them with a fun and exciting opportunity that could lead to so much more.

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  1. taylor-lynn. bowman

    Hi I’m Taylor-Lynn a outgoing 5yrs who ppl ,I made the camera my friend at two ,one I will be on tv

  2. Octavia

    Hi i’m octavia I have a 3year old daughter who i adore,she love to do modeling, dancing, maybe singing. how can i get her that chance to be on television. please email what i need to do

  3. Jordan &alexis fernandes

    My children are 14 and 9 yrs of age, with my son the oldest and my girl the youngest. Since my children could talk everyone who meets them all say they should be on tv. They have great personality and not because I am the mom but very good looking. Their background is half Portuguese and Italian, so they have beautiful skin color not dark and beautiful features. They booth always wanted to model and acted for as long as I can remember, but I just don’t have the thousands of dollars to do it. I know if you meet them and see them you will not be disappointed. So I hope to hear back from you ASAP. My # 301-916-1951 and I am a stay at home mom so anytime works. Thank you

  4. Jessie Streaker-Bynaker

    I have a daugther, she turns 2 in August. She is super cute and loves the camera. I am wondering what I need to do to get her noticed.Thank you!

  5. Eda

    I am looking for an agency for my 9 month old. Please contact me at your earliest.

  6. Leaujaey McNeal

    Hello my daughter Leaujaey is 2 almost 3 and she loves taking pictures the camera loves her. How would I go about getting her face out there in the world.

  7. Temitope Olugbodi

    Hi. I ‘ve a eight years old daughter.she like to model and she like photography. Contact me

  8. Kimverli

    Im looking for an agency for my 11 months old Baby girl she like camera. She is Phil-Am mix.

  9. rachel

    I am interested in something for my kids they are almost five and two. my son is blonde hair and baby blue eyes with an amazing smile and my daughter has red hair and same baby blue eyes. Please contact me as soon as possible.

  10. Rynasia Cannon

    Hi I am 13 years old. I like taking pictures and posing. I love to dance, and sing. I wanted to be a model for a very long time, but my mom just doesn’t know how to apply.Please contact me ASAP. # 302-362-7195

  11. Alexis Hahr

    I have an absolute beautiful 2 year old babyboy who I’m interested in getting in the modeling industry, I know he will be a true asset to the industry and look forward to hearing back and starting an amazing career.Thank You Alexis Hahr

  12. Maia

    I am 13, light brown eyes,black/Native American I am in love with modeling no experience in the modeling agencies. What would be good for me

  13. Z'amir Harris

    He’s a baby boy size 18/24 Mons
    He’s now crawling trying to talk waving bye bye getting into everything moving his hands.He’s so adorable, always laughing smiling, trying to dance such a happy baby!pls contract me at 202749-9391 or 202847-8853 Nacheta Harris

  14. Ashley Woods

    Have a fun 17month old son and he has a face for tv or magazine and ads,everywhere we go were stopped because he’s so cute and he loves to dance he’s very entertaining

  15. Ashley Woods

    Have a fun 17month old son and he has a face for tv or magazine and ads,everywhere we go were stopped because he’s so cute and he loves to dance he’s very entertaining. Please contact me ASAP 4438108017

  16. Ashley Woods

    Please contact me ASAP 4438108017

  17. Prosperity Cobles

    Hi, my name is Prosperity Coles. I am very tall. I am 12 years old & in the 6th grade. Everyone I meet says I should become a model! So I would love to try it out! Once when I was 9 years old I modled in a hair show and eveer since
    knows me by the girl who was in that hair show!

  18. Ariana Williams

    Hi, my name’s Ariana and I’m not sure if have the looks to be a model, but it’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time. You can email me for any required personal information.

  19. Tania

    Give me please contact some modeling agency in MD. I have a beautiful baby girl 10 months old ?
    Thank a lot

  20. Ashley Burris

    Hello my name is Ashley Burris and i was wondering how to get my 8 yr old daughter into modeling. she is very energetic and outgoing. If someone can give me a call anytime to discuss more about what i am seeking i would really appreciate it. My number is (443) 208-0101. My email address is Thank you for your time.

  21. r2bfit

    My daughter is 13 y/o and is all LEGS, and lots of hair. Facial features are bold and magnificent that’s what everyone says. She is a bright and intelligent young lady who wants to pursue modeling.

  22. Gataira

    Hi I am looking for a good Agency near Delaware for my 7 month old son . he’s is mix with black/white with beautiful blue eyes & curly hair ! I would like for him to be a baby model . please contact me information you have to help me . thank you .

  23. Kenda Watson

    Hello my daughter is 5months old. I’m looking for baby modeling jobs in Maryland. Thank yoi

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