California Top Children’s Modeling Agencies

Your gorgeous son or daughter could very well be a model, making appearances in magazines, walking the runways, appearing in TV commercials and more. How can this be possible you may ask? With the right modeling agency in California backing you up! Luckily California is a city with a great need for child models, and if you play your cards right and find an outstanding agency it could be a dream come true for your child and yourself.

Child models can be any age. Whether you have a baby of a mere few days old, a rambunctious toddler or a dazzling teen, companies throughout the state are in need of their services. And, most of these gigs pay a good price for that appearance. Imagine your child on the cover of a amazing and a handful of cash at the same time!

As mentioned earlier it takes a great modeling agent to make dreams come true in this industry. Unfortunately many companies are out there simply preying on your dreams, but there are far more good apples than bad.  Rather than find yourself amidst them all, take a look at the top modeling agencies in California for children. Working with any of these companies will ensure that your child has a shot at making it big.

In Beverly Hills Aston Models is a top choice for teenage girls 16 and older who stand at least 5’7. This agency constantly seeks new, special faces that are unique and beautiful. In order to be considered it is necessary that an individual submit three photographs of themselves. While there is no reason for professional photos to be submitted it is essential that you choose photos that highlight your features and are of the best possible quality.

Bleu Model Management is yet another top modeling in California choice for children. This agency began serving models in 1998 and has worked with some of the top names in modeling since this time. Bleu’s models have appeared on magazines such as Vogue and GQ , as well as designers such as Gucci and more. Kids ages 8 and older are considered for management by this top modeling agency. They are located in Los Angeles, and accept new models after submission of three photographs. Ensure one is a full body photo.

Ford Models is a top modeling agency in the US, with locations in New York, Chicago, and, of course, Los Angeles. They are considered to be one of the most prestigious modeling agencies around, helping children become a success at what they do. For modeling management consideration it is necessary to complete an online assessment and submit with four photographs of your child. Ford Models will contact you should your child meet their look and requirement needs.

Wilhelmina Los Angeles is also a legitimate modeling agency that can help your child get into the industry. This company is another of the top choices in agencies, with a 20+ year history of getting models connected to the best clients. If your child has what it takes this could be the model agent that helps them attain it all.

Latest Comments
  1. Liliana Phillips

    Hi I would love Ford modeling to represent my son. My son is four years old and loves to take pictures. He has the looks and everything you want in a model.

  2. Dilcia Lopez

    My son is 2 years old I I would like to find an agencies that represents him. He love being behind the camera since he was a baby. Besides he’s small age he can take great directions. He has the looks and he love taking pictures .

  3. Umma Nwuche

    I am 14 years old and everyone has been telling me that i look like a model and that i should consider being one. I would want to experience being a model because it is now my dream, and i know that dreams never come true, but i just kinda hope that this one would.

  4. Julie

    My children need to get into modeling. My babies are a mixed race with the best rare features (especially their eyes & eyelashes). I know everyone talks highly of their children, but honestly people have lined up to look at how beautiful my babies are. They also have amazing bubbly personalities and their smile is to die for. Just recently a lady insited I get my baby into some modeling agency and even said out loud ‘your son is more beautiful than my grandson, I haven’t seen any baby that beautiful in my life and that’s the honest truth’. You won’t be disappointed, photos upon request.

  5. Jordan

    Hello. I am 11 years old. I get a lotbof comments on social eedia saying I am pretty, I should model, I look like Taylor Swift, etc. My mom gave me permission to try and find some places to help me start a career. I would like to start modeling. Is there any way someone can help me? If anyone wants to contact me I will send pictures but I am dirty blonde, blue eyes, 5’3, 100 lbs, blah blah blah. Questions can be asked. Just reply to me asking for contact info and we can talk. Okay? Thank you!

  6. Joseph

    I know a 4 year old girl who in my opinion has all the qualities for children modeling/acting/commercials etc.. She is not only a beautiful girl but her charm, personality will get your attention. Every time she is in public people stop to see and talk to her. Many suggesting we contact a talent agency. Any help is appreciated.

  7. Sali

    My son is 3 years old.people told me he is handsome he goes to magezine store or something like that for modeling.
    I would like to start modeling for him. Is there any way someone can help me?


  8. Caren

    Hi! Im caren, we are from philippines, i want to know how much and how can my kids apply to be come a model? Where is the location and phone number. For us to get the audition first.

  9. Michael Alexander

    Hi My name is Michael Alexander. I have a 4 year old granddaughter that is awesome when it comes to taking pictures. She does her own poses. She’s a natural born model ready to become a professional child model. Please help us with stardom? Thank you so much.

  10. DeAnn Bennett

    You haven’t seen a star until you see mine. I will send you one picture but be prepared to be amazed.

  11. Jessica Maldonado

    Hello my name is Jessica I have a beautiful Hispanic and Africa America daughter she is 4 years old. She is absolutely beautiful. She loves taking photos she isn’t only beautiful she has a very confident loud personality she owns taking photos and they come out like she was a natural. I want to know how to get started and needed some help!

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