Child Modeling Agencies in Georgia

There is plenty of need for child models in Georgia, especially for those nearby or willing to make the drive to Atlanta. This city is a high-traffic fashion area comparable to New York City or Los Angeles. Models of all ages are accepted for various gigs in Georgia including magazine, commercials, TV and more. Whether you have a baby, toddler, child or teen, working as a model could be something in their future.

With this great need for child models in Georgia comes a number of different agents to choose from. Rather than tirelessly try to decipher the good from the bad, take a look at this list of Georgia modeling agencies for kids. These agencies will help you get your child started in the wonderful world of modeling.

Atlanta Models & Talent

Atlanta Models & Talent has been serving the Atlanta area for more than 50 years. Through a selective process, child models aged 6 and up may be accepted for representation through AMT. For consideration in the child or teen division parents must submit two photos of the child via email. Both photos should be headshots. Although photographs are not required to be professional they should showcase the personality and talent of your child. AMT will contact individuals that interest them.

Allure Model Management

Allure Model Management is located in Atlanta. They represent children as well as teens. For consideration as a Allure client, photographs of the child must be sent via email. Allure will contact those who interest them for future projects.

Click Models of Atlanta

Click Models is one of the most recognized names in modeling. The agency was formed in 1980, since which time they have helped form many top models throughout the country. Their children’s division seeks kids with outgoing personalities and photogenic personalities for a wide variety of modeling jobs.

Elite Atlanta

Elite Atlanta offers representation for females 13-up and males 15-up. This agency is a highly reputable modeling agency that has helped start the careers of celebrities such as Cindy Crawford and Ava Smith.  The modeling agency has been an Atlanta favorite for the past 28 years . If you would like for your child to be considered for Elite Atlanta representation an application can be submitted online or by mail.

The AMR Agency

The AMR Agency handles children 4 years old and up. They are a full-service boutique agency offering both contract and no-contract jobs. Applications are accepted on the web as well as online and must include at least one recent photo of your child.

This is only a partial listing of modeling agencies serving children that are available in the state of Georgia. It is in your best interest to take a look at each of these agencies, research their criteria and benefits. Be certain that you also look at some of the other agencies found in the state as well. You will certainly feel confident that you are working with a reputable agency that has a genuine interest in your child’s modeling career.

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  1. Tina Sirmans

    I have a 11 year old, Sophie, she is very interested in doing some modeling. I would like more info on how to help her get started.Thank you.

  2. Shannon Kimbrough

    My child was interested in modeling whether it’s commercial or just still print work doesn’t matter. Just trying to get his foot in the door for acting in future roles.

  3. Ramat Badmus

    My daughter is 12 and would be interested, I just need number she skinny and ready anything

  4. Ramat Badmus

    I’m sorry she skinny and ready for anything she interested in tv,commercial,and modeling

  5. Ken Bowman and Knolan Bowman

    My son is 3 and everyone always says that he should be in pictures. So i am finally saying okay. Could someone please schedule something if your interested so i could bring him in to see if he has what it takes or not in the Atlanta, Augusta or Athens area. Thanks

    Please contact me at 706-318-3102
    Ken Bowman, My son’s name is Knolan Bowman

  6. La Shawnda Gilbert

    I have a very cute lovable 4 month old baby I would love to get into commercials and modeling. Are there any agencies in Atlanta I should look up?

  7. Gail Perdue

    My daughter is 12,her name is Destiny.She has always loved modeling,and singing around the house.She has beautiful orange,green,and brown eyes.Anywere in Georgia?

  8. Mikhelle Bass

    My son Kiro is a photogenic 5 month old mixed baby with sky blue eyes. He is a very happy and calm little boy who is always smiling.

    Please contact me at

  9. Janielle Dickerson

    I have an outgoing 5 yr old little boy named Jah. He has a great personality and a great look. I always wanted him to model. I am really ready to get serious about now. Where do I start?

  10. Patricia Collins

    My granddaughter is one of the most beautiful children I’ve ever seen and in addition, she has a big personality. Now I am aware that everyone feels that way about their children but being a grandmother of seven; this one is the one she is 3 years old named Isabella Gabrielle. Everywhere we or her parent go with her the general public stops us and comments on her beautiful aura, personality and of course her looks!

  11. Teri Collins

    Hello my son is 11yrs old he is very outgoing and has taken a interest in modeling. We are leaning more towards still photography or just modeling in general. He has always loved the camera and always camera ready. I’m just trying to get him started to see how far this takes him…

  12. kathleen petro

    My grandson is 3 years old and if I must say so is just as cute as could be, a combination of American and Korean. He lives in the Atlanta area I’m just not sure which agency to go with.

  13. Britnay Roberts

    I have two kids and both of the are beyond cute. I have a 3 year old little girl and a seven month old little boy they stop everyone all the time just by them selves but if you put them together they just really stop and talk to them. They are the most amazing kids every and they are always happy no matter what we are doing. Please help me find them a modeling agency they are picture perfect.

  14. Elizabeth Cameron

    Looking for an agency Modeling agency for my daughter. How can I do that.

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