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Discover How to Help Your Child Succeed in a Child Modeling

My name is Jane Armstrong. I’m a mother to 3 beautiful children, a successful child modeling agent, and ever since my first daughter was born 13 years ago I’ve been living the dream – helping my little superstars enjoy a wonderful career in modeling (and beyond)! I’ve helped all 3 of my kids star in TV adverts for L’Oreal, magazine photoshoots advertising GAP clothing, and even appear on the catwalk! In my job as a professional child modeling agent I’ve helped hundreds of other toddlers, children and teenagers find success and fame in the modeling industry.

Finding a reputable and successful child modeling agency can be a long, hard and sometimes frustrating experience. Getting invited to casting calls and auditions can be an uphill battle. Avoiding scam modeling agencies can be tricky, and making money from child modeling is a real challenge. Don’t you wish it was all easy? Wouldn’t it be great to get inside industry tips, secrets and advice to help you get ahead and help your child succeed?

For 2013, I’ve decided to help even more people live the dream by sharing my secrets for success in an amazing new eBook for moms and dads everywhere!

Thankyou so much for all the advice! You gave me some confidence! My older one loves posing for pictures, showing off different poses and changing her clothes a million times to take pictures in! She’s constantly telling me to take a picture of her doing different things. I want to help her out and get her started so I will be following your advice! I appreciate it so much!

— Michelle Onstad Dominguez, Colorado Springs

For years I’ve been approached my mothers who want to give their child the best possible start in life. They want to give their child the chance to start a successful modeling career, earn some money for their child’s future, open the door to acting and singing, and above all have fun with their kids! They all ask the same questions: How do I get started with child modeling? How long does it take to get invited to auditions? What should we do to make sure we get the part? How much money can I can with child modelling? And how do I know if it’s right for us?

These questions are more important than anything else to help your child get started in the world of modeling. In my new eBook “Child Modeling Made Easy: Kick Start Your Child’s Career!” you will learn:

  • 5 simple steps that show you how to find successful and reputable child modeling agencies
  • The only 3 pieces of advice you need to get invited to casting calls and auditions
  • 10 tried and tested secrets to help your child wow and win over the judges
  • The REAL answer to the taboo subject: how much money can you make from child modeling?
  • 3 must-have photo shots that are guaranteed to get your child on the lists of top agencies in your area
  • The amazing story of how one of my first clients used child modeling as a springboard to get her daughter into her into national TV shows and Hollywood films!

This book will gives you the knowledge and power you need to launch your own little darlings into the spotlight and bring them happiness, fame, money and success as child models. This the first step to getting your child the modeling career you’ve always dreamed of.

Brilliant advice… Thankyou so much!

— @DippyWomen

This eBook will put your kid on the path to an amazing career as a child model. If you want your child to make it in this tough industry, you need my secrets and tips to get ahead. You already know that your little darling has the beauty that they need – now learn how to help them get ahead. If you’re ready to help them take the first steps to success and you want to kick start their career, then take action and order your eBook today!

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It’s not enough to hit the streets and turn up at auditions and casting calls. In this modern world, you also need to know how to get your child seen by talent scouts and modeling agencies online! I teach you how to setup a webpage to show off you child’s best shots, get tons of traffic from search engines, and put your child ahead of the competition.

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Your advice helped me get started modeling. Thank you so much – I couldn’t be happier and my parents are happy to help.

—Mia Moss, Las Vegas

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Thank you so much! I got a call back from an agency in the Bronx and we are all going on Tuesday at 645. Thank you so much again!

— Mark Anthony Parker, NYC

I hope you take this chance to kick start you child’s career. You both deserve success, and now you can have it. Here’s to you. I’d wish you luck – but now you have all the inside secrets, you don’t need luck! You’re already one step ahead. Go get ’em!

Yours sincerely,

Jane Armstrong