Child Modeling in Ohio

Should you contact a child modeling agency in Ohio for your child? If your little one has shown an interest in appearing as a model in magazines, commercials or movies, contacting an agent could be the easiest way to take their interest to new heights. Many modeling agents seek child talent for appearances in many different revenues, and with the right agency backing your child they could be the next to make it big.

Finding an Ohio modeling professional is the hard part of the equation. You will find plenty of them scattered throughout the state, however, many of these agencies are only looking to make a quick profit at your expense, regardless of the potential of your child. They’ll offer you classes and photograph packages, require registration fees and more, however that is likely all they’ll be able to provide.

Luckily there are legitimate modeling agencies in Ohio representing children, and with one of these modeling agencies your little one could find themselves in the spotlight and making great money, even as pint-size versions.

One of the best modeling agencies in Ohio is Pro-Model Talent Agency. This group is located Akron, recruiting infants, toddlers and children. Pro-Model works with top clients in major markets including LA and NYC and serves the entire state of Ohio. They’ve been around since 1998 and currently hold a placement rate of 93.7%! That is pretty spectacular considering child models are needed less than adults. The company is professional and dedicated to providing their clients with fresh, beautiful faces, both boy and girl.

Heyman Talent is another excellent child modeling agency. They are located in Cincinnati, a BBB member with an A+ rating. The company also has offices located in many other states as well. As a boutique modeling agency, Heyman Talent recruits children of all ages, sizes and looks, with placement in commercials, magazines, runway and more. An appointment must be scheduled for acceptance at Heyman Talent.

A legitimate booking agent works on commission. They earn money when your child is booked for a gig. If you contact an agency that insists you pay upfront and then attain work, do not waste your time. Also be leery of a company that requires you pay their photographer for photos, require you to complete a class or purchase expensive modeling materials, do not waste your time.

Another excellent Ohio child modeling agency is New View management Group. This agency is located in Cincinnati, offering kids of all ages the chance to appear in magazines, in TV commercials and more. Pre-teens 12 and up can attend an interview in person, while the younger crowd will need to send a portfolio of photos to New  View. New View has been servicing the Cincinnati area for more than three decades.

You can trust each and every modeling agency listed here to provide you and your child with an unforgettable experience that will enable them to develop and grow within the world of modeling. It is worth your while to check these modeling agencies in Ohio if you are serious about child modeling.

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  1. Awa

    Is this modeling in Ohio

    • Seyha Hem

      I would like to have my kids in a modeling but no idea how to get one, could you please help me that?

  2. Tiffany Lodon

    The CleKidz Model & Talent Group is a great one to the only represent children so if your a child and you want the agency to focus on that divison that might be where to go.

  3. Matricia carter

    I would like to get my two children age’s 14 and 13 into modeling for magazines like sears and target.i also have grandchildren that would be great

  4. Marie

    Do not go through New View. They are an agency that collects your money and puts you through classes. If a modeling agency wants you they will take you without all the extra stuff. They would be investing in you. Hey man Talent in Cindy area is a good agency.

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