Child Models in Arkansas

Children as young as a few days old are needed for modeling gigs, just as babies, toddlers, children and teens are needed. Their precious faces are hired to represent the pages of magazines and magazine covers, appear in commercials and sport the latest designs from some of today’s hottest designers. With the right modeling agency your child can easily make a great sum of money participating in these shows.

One of the best Arkansas child modeling agents is located in Little Rock, a company known as The Agency. This agency accepts model submissions by mail and conducts interviews once per month. The Agency has was founded in 1984. Since this time they have had clients to work with a number of brands including McDonalds, Kraft Foods and Wendy’s.

IM Inc. Agency is another highly recommended Arkansas modeling agent. Also located in Little Rock, IM Inc. Agency assists newborns to teens with their modeling career. This company has been in the area since 1990, assisting many children attain modeling jobs. In order to be considered it is necessary to mail in two photographs of your child. Once this has been done the modeling agency will contact you within six weeks if your child can be considered for work.

The list of  agencies serving models in Arkansas isn’t extensive, however, the two above named choices are excellent choices for children of all ages. It is a good idea to submit your child’s photographs and materials to each of these agencies and await a response.

If you are interested in more child modeling agencies it is a good idea to take your sights out of state. Georgia, particularly Atlanta, has many modeling agencies offering child representation, just as you can find several good agencies in other states surrounding Arkansas. Atlanta is considered to be one of the best markets for modeling. Traveling out of the state might be what is needed to get your child a head start in the industry.

Additionally the web offers a number of online bases modeling agencies to choose from. These agencies allow you to register your child online where their information can be viewed by potential bookers. Be selective should you choose to utilize such a website. As with everything there are individuals out there who may be out to get you, take your money or scam you in other ways, and that is the last thing that you want to happen. There are also other dangers associated with using such a service.

Modeling is something that can be beneficial to both the parent and the child. It is plenty of fun and can be rewarding with paid jobs in the future. If you are an Arkansas parent wishing to help your child become a model, ensure that you check  out the above listed modeling agencies in the state. Be certain to utilize the other methods of obtaining an agent as well. Before you know it your child could be appearing on magazine covers, in commercial and more.

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    Marym Alhashash is my 10 year old daughter, that wants to be a model. She wishes to be seen as a Model. She is a very talented, beautiful young lady that loves fashion, photography and creativeness in all fields. She is home schooled. She is now working on receiving her Black Belt in martial Arts. She is very Athletic, and has a great personality. We would appreciate for someone to contact us, In regards to this Reply. Thank you! Keri Alhashash

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