3 Essential Photos For Your Child’s Modeling Portfolio

When you’re trying to catch the attention of child modeling agencies, you’ll get a massive boost to your chances if you just use this one simple trick: show them exactly what they’re looking for. Each agency will be have a different requirement, but they’re all looking for the same key photographs in your child’s portfolio to help them judge whether your child is right for them.

Maybe you’ve already been following my advice on joining child modeling agencies and have been sending in photographs in the hope of being invited to a casting call. Maybe you’ve already got a non-exclusive contract with an agency but want to find a second or third agency to increase your chances of finding work. Whatever your situtation, there are 3 essential photographs that any aspiring child model should have in their line-up.

The best thing about these fantastic shots is that there’s no need to get a professional to help you out. As I’ve said before in guide on how to take photos for child modeling agencies, you shouldn’t spend anything until you’ve won some work.

So what should you do right now? Get your digital camera, and capture these three essential shots!

1) The “head shot”

This should be an 8” x 10” photograph from the neck up. Make sure your child isn’t wearing any make or hair products – keep as this natural as possible. Take this one in natural light, preferably in a well-lit room or outside. Make sure your darling is giving you a smile, make sure there’s eye contact, but don’t force anything. This shot needs to be natural.

2) The “body shot”

This should be an 8” x 10” photograph from head to toe. This shot is all about giving the photographers and casting directors a sense of how your child stands and a look at their posture. Don’t worry, it’s not a test – it’s not “wrong” to slouch or stand oddly, and many shoots will require children who are far from standing upright! So be relaxed about it. Your child should look as comfortable standing in this shot as they would do in the playground.

3) The “personality shot”

This one is a bit different: this time, capture an 8” x 10” shot of your child looking at their happiest and most comfortable – perhaps in some form of pose. Pick a position that works well and lets their natural personality shine through! This one should be good fun for both of you. Again, eye contact is essential.

…and that’s it!

Make sure the photographs are in focus, well lit, and don’t have too many props or brand names lying around. Do a couple of test prints to make sure they come out well. That’s it: you’re done! Now all you need to do is keep the photographs up to date every six months or so.

Preparing your first portfolio can be scary, and many parents get bullied into paying for professional photos up-front, but you know what? Now you don’t need to worry. These three essentials will literally be all you need to give agencies a great introduction to your child. So send them off, cross your fingers and wait for the calls.

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  1. Venus Depena

    I have a 4-year old son whom I want to start modelling in Shanghai, but it’s been difficult getting a photographer to take appropriate pictures and prepare a simple portfolio for him!

    What to do???

    • Alissia

      Try taking sample pictures at home which might give the photographer an idea of what you want him to do and try giving him the exact details or maybe try asking him if you could use his camera to show him what position you want it in

    • Cat

      Hello I have a little boy who’s 3 his beautiful and loves the camera . So I contacted a moadlong place . They said they wanted him went London had shoot they said we got in it will be 300 to make portfolio then they sing him up to an agency and said he is a signed model now . Dus this sound right ?? Just waiting to be contacted about work for him ?

  2. phumlani cheme

    Hi name is phumlani a father of one girl child and I’m looking for an agency for my child

  3. sam rizk

    my child maximous. ever since his kindergarden school, his teachers tell me he is an actor and i should get him in acting. he has a great character. he looks good in photos and clothes and i want to do the right thing for him .

  4. sam rizk

    he is 7 years old, thinking about local modeling for him if posible and posible fashion shows if not going to be a burden on him.

  5. Rabindra (Reehana's Father)

    Am Rabindra, my daughter Reehana, who is 5 yrs old and she is Partially versed with BHARATNATYAM. Also she dances to the new generation songs with a too good performance. Look forward to your support to get to a good platform.

  6. marie lopez

    what all do we need in the first acting/modeling portfolio for my 15 yr old. Does it include the resume?

  7. nathi

    Hi I have a five year old, that is giving me trouble each an every day I have to take a
    Photos of her. Its a command i’m even embarrassed sometimes her character she’s bubbly, plz any agent contact me

  8. Aasi

    My daughter 15months old,

    • Melissa

      Mine too will they take that young ?..

  9. anas daniyal

    i want my son to be a model bcoz he is damn cute he is just 2 + .

  10. Laura

    Hi, the adice is exactly on spot, great tips. My son ( 5 years old) had a photo shoot today and was amazing, he loved it, but when they told me how much money they want upfront, I froze! Being a single mum I just can’t afford this amount. If I create a good portfolio where can I start looking for agencies who accept privat/ my own portofolio? I just need some names and I can send them my son’s pictures.
    Thank you

  11. anezka

    My child is 15 months. Born in Shanghai. He is a sweetheart and Chinese people just love him. I think he is beautiful. How can I do it?

  12. Melissa

    Do you think that they will take a 11 month old .. ? I just thought that it was to young because I don’t have a clue how to capture his personality in a photo.

  13. Eric Hmielewski

    I have a 13 year old boy with the body structure of a Greek god trying to get him in jeans or open shirt type modeling for clothing companies (David beckham) type body

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