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Finding a legitimate Tennessee modeling agency for your child can be a difficult task. The demand for child models in the state is not as high as in some of the more major areas like New York City, Chicago and Miami, however this does not mean there are no reputable agencies that can help your child get their start. With a bit of time, research and planning, a child modeling agency can be found.

Choosing a modeling agency for your child will require you to look for a company that is licensed in the state. This is one of the most important factors of all. With licensed modeling agencies

If there are upfront fees, run far, far away. Any legitimate company will not require registration fees, promotional fees or any other type of cash out of your pocket. Those requiring fees are usually companies out for nothing more but a paycheck at your expense.

A good agency will not bring your child into a group of individuals to audition. Instead, the agency will evaluate your child’s headshots and portfolio, and should they have the look to make it, will place a call for an in-person interview. If all goes well your child will be placed with a company requiring their age/look in their promotions.

BNA Talent is one of the most trusted modeling agencies in Tennessee. The company is located in Nashville in the prime Music Row area. They are a BBB member and service children of all ages. Superstar Taylor Swift was represented by BNA Talent and the company has worked with major brands including Sunny D, Lifeway and Wal-Mart. This agency is a SAG and AFTRA member, in business since 1989.

Asking other parents may be an excellent way to learn legitimate child modeling agencies in your Tennessee city.  Parents are often eager to share information when they believe in it, and word-of-mouth is usually one of the best promotional tools out there.

Advantage Model & Talent is a name that you may hear recommended by others. This agency is one of the top 5 in the U.S., with plenty of success stories underneath their 25-year history. The agency is located in Franklin, a short 30 minute drive from Nashville. Models with Advantage have earned spots and national recognition, including work in magazines, clothing designers and more. Miley Cyrus and Charlotte Dodds are among the names who have found success working with Advantage Model & Talent.

Gage Talent is also a highly recommended modeling agency, located in Knoxville, Tennessee. This company works with top agencies in New York and Los Angeles, with memberships with both the local BBB and Chamber of Commerce. Infants, children and teens can also find success working with the number one modeling agency in the city.

MACS/AMAX is another top agency, located in Music City, USA. MACS represents kids, babies and toddlers of all ages as they have since beginning. MACS was established in 2005, AMAX in 1980. Clients that have worked with MACS/AMAX team include names such as Reese Witherspoon, MJ Garret, Ty Soares and many more.

Not every child will have what it takes to make it as a model, but there are plenty who do. If you believe your child is one of those individuals, take the time to find a legitimate modeling agency to get them started. You will appreciate what a reliable company can do for you.

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  1. Samantha

    “If there are upfront fees, run far, far away.”

    “Gage Talent is also a highly recommended modeling agency, located in Knoxville, Tennessee.”

    We went to audition at Gage Talent. They accepted both of my daughters. They require you to take classes with their agency that cost just under $2,000/child though. I don’t understand why I see them listed on so many websites as being reputable when the same websites say to run away from agencies that charge upfront costs or require you to take their expensive classes.

  2. Jakiya rivers

    I’m trying to get my baby into model and could somebody call me back at 731-518-8965 this is Tessa rivers.

  3. Samuel . J

    anybody know about amax and advantage and if they charge?

    • Brenna

      They charge i would DEFINITELY not go there they take advantage of unknowing victims by taking there money and not calling back.

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