Find a Child ModelingTalent Agent in Arizona

Why struggle to find a modeling agency for your child in Arizona when we have the best right here for you! There are several amazing child modeling agents serving the state, but there are those not looking out for your child. We’ve weeded the good from the bad so that you never waste any time trying to find a legitimate company for your child’s needs.

Top Modeling Agencies for Kids in Arizona

Take a look at the 4 best child modeling agencies in Arizona. These agencies help your child get their foot in the door, offering various opportunities for babies, toddlers, children and teens if the meet the requirements for a child model. These agencies are legitimate, never trying to sell you a useless package or photography session.

Bear in mind that it is not only those “perfect” children needed for modeling. There are so many companies who need different looks for their children. Your child’s personality will take them far in this industry.

Selecting to use one of these companies will produce the results that you are after and none of what you don’t want. You will not suffer through the hardships of a parent and child who has fallen victim to one of the scams that produce no work but take plenty of your money. The best Arizona modeling agencies include:

The Agency Arizona

The Agency Arizona is located in Scottsdale. This agency accepts kid and teen models for a variety of work including fashion, commercial print and more. Submissions of photographs are required for representation consideration. Though these do not have to be professional, they should highlight your child and their best features. It takes several weeks to process an application, and you’ll be contacted only if The Agency Arizona accepts you.

Deborah Maddox Agency

The Deborah Maddox Agency is a licensed Scottsdale modeling agency. They represent clients from baby to teen, with a special no-cost baby book available for infants to help gain exposure. See their website for information on inclusion in this book. The Deborah Maddox Agency has more than 25 years’ experience, working with some of the best clients in the industry.

Leighton Agency

Another Scottsdale based agency, Leighton Agency serves children as well as teens. The agency is licensed in the state of Arizona and offers consumers more than 30 years’ experience. During this time models have been placed on TV shows, in print ads, on the runways and more. Both experienced and new talent is accepted at the agency.

The Young Agency

The Young Agency is located in Phoenix. They were founded in 1996,  bringing experience and professionalism to children and their parents. The Young Agency is licensed in Arizona and a BBB accredited member with an A rating. They work with many well-known clients and strive to provide their clients with a memorable modeling experience.

Visit each agencies website or contact them by phone if you are interested in representation for your child. Each will offer various methods of applying, but you can be certain that you will need several photographs to submit.


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  1. Sophie Mallek

    Hi. My friends and I are SUPER SUPER into modeling and took quite a few AMAZING pictures that are honestly just amazing. I really would like to be in the modeling career with my bffs. They are all about modeling just as much as I am! I would be totally psyched if I got a chance to do a photo shoot. That is appropriate of course! We are tweens and have our own “photographers” which is some of my other friends. We r looking for a perfessional agency to start our” teen” modeling. Thx!

  2. Marianna Dixon

    I am seeking a legitimate modeling agency for my daughter’s. I have been searching but have not been successful. My girls a beautiful and full of energy! If there are any real agencies that does not charge upfront fees and looking for adorable kids please contact me as soon as possible. I’m inexperienced so I do not have the knowledge of how to get then “out there”. Willing to put in the time and effort to make portfolios for each child and get them started. Email me at thank you!

  3. Eden

    Hello I am Eden I love modeling I am a tween I was hoping I can have a chance for a career I always wanted I would love to get in touch to get something solved if there’s away all of this can happen I don’t know if the buissness is good if you can reply and thx for hearing me out

    • Eden

      Aw hope u make it

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