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Are you interested in entering your child into the exciting world of modeling? Have you seen advertisements for schools that help your child learn how to model? Think enrolling in one of these schools and spending hundreds to thousands of dollars is the best way to give your child a boost in the game? Modeling schools are legitimate, however, they’re also a waste of money. They’ll teach you what a real modeling school will teach at no cost all the while promising a future for your child. In the end most parents find themselves out of a lot of money and their child in the same spot as before they started.

If you are really interested in child modeling it is best to skip the hype and these schools and head directly for the agencies that have the clients. A modeling agency in Florida holds the key to your child’s success, and with the right agency it could be no time at all before  your child is modeling for magazines, ads, commercials and more.

Florida modeling agents are numerous, but some of the best can be found below. Rather than waste time and money with those companies not worth your while, contact these agencies to learn what they can do for you. These agencies are all kid modeling specialists and can provide the best in representation to your child if they have what it takes.

P Models

P models, or Prodigy Models, is a Boynton Beach, Florida modeling agency in business since 2004. Since this time clients working with P Models have made appearances in magazines and in commercials with some of the biggest names in the fashion world. Runway modeling has also been a great success with the P Models clients.  Both girls and boys are accepted for modeling assignments with  P Models, however it is required that photo submissions be given online for consideration.

The Diamond Agency

The Diamond Agency is an Orlando modeling agency handling management of children and adults. They’ve been in the area since 1998 and have had the opportunity to work with many top name clients. Modeling is their passion and this agency seeks children 4 and older with bold and dating personalities and cute looks for work in ads, magazines, TV, commercials and more.

Martin & Donald’s Model Talent Agency is located in Hollywood, Florida. This agency works with babies, toddlers and children of all ages.  Submissions of photos should be delivered via email or regular mail, with contact made within six weeks.

Kezia Rolle is also a trusted modeling agency for children. This agency looks for children with beautiful smiles and unique looks to serve clients such as Disney, Nickelodeon and many others. This model agency company is located in Jacksonville and is licensed by the state of Florida. Those interested in entering their child into modeling should contact this company. With more than 24 years in the business you can expect them to help you child grow to their fullest potential and so much more.

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  1. Ricardo

    My children are beautiful kids, my reason for signing them in this organization is only because of the compliments we have been receiving from outside folks. My fiance and I agreed and decided why not?

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