Getting Started in the Teen Modeling Industry

A wonderful young women recently asked me on Facebook: “How can I get into the industry?” She is 16 years old, stunning, hard-working and wants desperately to become a teen model. She just didn’t know how to get started. There are thousands of young women who want to get into the teen modeling industry but the amount of good guidance out there is pretty limited. This post is here to explain to any enthusiastic teenagers out there how to get started as a model.

This sounds like a boring starting point, there’s one fact you have to know before we go any further: as you’re still legally a minor, the first thing you need to do to become a model is to get your parents on board. I know it sounds kinda lame, but if your parents are on your side they will be a great help and a great source of strength. You really need the approval and support of your parents if you want to succeed in modeling before you’re 18.

If your parents agree to give you the love and support you need, and if they are willing to drive you to casting calls and auditions, then you have a really good basis for success. All they’ll need to do now is to sign various contracts and agreements to let you get on and do your thing!

The next thing to do is to get yourself ready to apply to the teen modeling agencies. Take some photographs of yourself looking natural, relaxed and happy – preferably without too much make-up. Take a photo of your face, of your whole body wearing a couple of nice outfits, and a few “pose” shots. Give it a bit of sass if you like, but the key here is to be natural and relaxed. Remember, the agencies will want to model you based on their clients, so don’t be afraid to remain fairly neutral. There’s no need to go all out or try too hard!

I recently wrote an article on finding a reputable modeling agency. The article is kinda focussed on kids, but don’t worry about that – even a stunning young adult will still have to be treated as a “child model” until they’re 18. I realise that as teens you are closer to adults than children, but unfortunately the agencies don’t always see it like that so the best bet is to check out my guide on how to join a child modeling agency and if possible, read it with your parents. Remember, they need to be on your side – and they can do a lot of the hard work, too. 😉

Check out the article, read the rest of my site, and you’ll be well on the way to success. And remember, if you (or your parents!) have any questions at all, you can always comment on this article or contact me on Facebook and I’ll be happy to help out. Now get ’em!

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  1. Rhiannon Selbe

    Hi! My name’s Rhiannon. I’m thirteen (That’s still considered a teenager, right? :P) I’ve read over various articles from your website, and they’ve helped me quite a bit. But, sadly, I really don’t have any idea how to get started. Modelling seems fun, and that’s why I’d like to do it. I just don’t know if a. My face is pretty enough, or b. If my personality is “bubbly” enough. I’m a bit outgoing, and I love making new friends. I think it’s really fun taking pictures, too. Usually, in my free time, I write stories and random little poems. That’s also another word usually used to describe me. “Random” As for my looks, I have green-ish blue eyes, with brown around the pupil. I have blonde hair, with bangs. I usually side sweep them, since I haven’t gotten the time to cut them recently. I’m 5″4′ and I weigh, last time I checked, 105 lbs. But I think gym teachers scale was a bit off. So maybe 113 lbs. If you’ve got any questions, or need want to see my face,add me on Facebook. My name on there is”Rhiannon Evilcookehh Selbe”
    Thanks for your time. 🙂

  2. Lisa Franklin

    It takes more than a pretty face and a slim figure to make it as a model,
    you need to have the total package, a mix of genectics and personality in
    order to thrive in the industry. I am Lisa, I have been recriuting for
    more than 9 years in the industry and during that period have created a
    foothold for myself in the industry. Do you think you have the perfect hands?,
    do you think you have the perfect body? Do you have a child with promising potential?
    You can be the next person to be taking over a runway in milan, france.
    I guarantee a model contract in the first 5months. Our recriuting categories include but are not limited to:
    *Fashion Modeling *Body part Modeling *Commercial Modeling and even Movies!!
    Let’s Discuss, reach me on , send 3 headshots and a full length photograph

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