How Do I Join Child Modeling Agencies?

Child modeling agencies are businesses which help parents like you to find modeling opportunities for your child. This might be work on film or TV as an actor or extra, or photography work showing off your child’s cuteness or advertising a product. Child modeling agencies will often specialize in work for a particular age range such as babies, infants and toddlers, or teenagers and young adults, but some agencies will accept children of any ages to model and feature in their work.

Getting your little girl or boy signed up with one or more agencies is really important to help your scamp get the best chance in the child modeling industries. The right modeling agency can make or break a career and really will make a difference to your child’s success. Find a reputable child modeling agency, and work hard to get signed up.

That said, finding a recommended child modeling agency can be really tough. There are usually a few steps to go through in order to get signed up with child modeling agencies.

Find Reputable Agencies

First things first, you need to find a recommend child modeling agency to get you started.

How do you go about finding them? Well, the most reliable way is to get local recommendations from people who know what they are talking about. Grab your cell phone and try getting in touch with trustworthy people to ask them a simple question: “Which child modeling agencies would you recommend?”. For some ideas of who might be considered trustworthy, I use:

  • local magazines and newspapers who have a lot of good photographs of children
  • local or even nationwide stores who sell a good range of children’s clothing and advertise regularly
  • local child acting and music schools
  • parenting magazines

Or, even better, get a personal recommendation. But beware: if somebody personally recommends a reputable child modeling agency, be sure to make sure that their child is having success! It’s no good getting a recommendation if the agency in question doesn’t get results.

You might think “What Are the Best Cities for Child Modeling Agencies?” Well, there are more agencies in some places than others, but you can find local agencies everywhere. But if you look for local agencies, beware just calling people in the phone book – they might not be as reputable or successful as those that are recommended by real businesses and real parents.

Getting On An Agency’s Books

Now all you need to go is get started and tell these reputable child modeling agencies about your beautiful little darling! Take a look at my post on “How To Take Photos for Auditions and Casting for some ideas of how to take the right snapshots and what to send.

The sooner you can get started the better – so just get snapping now! Hopefully they’ll get back to you and ask for you to bring your child in to meet them, and perhaps even do a few trial photo shoots to make sure your child works well with their photographs.

If all goes well, you can expect an Offer Of Representation or even a contract in due course!

Casting and Auditions

Once you are being represented by an agency you’ll start the real hard work: auditions, “go-sees” (which give companies a chance to see your child in real life) and casting calls. Each time an opportunity arises, your agency should give you good advice on how to dress and prepare your child, and what to expect.

Hopefully you’ll have success at one of these auditions, and if you do then you’ve just earned your child’s first modeling job! Congratulations! I know how exciting it is to finally have a little one who has started their career in modeling. 🙂

Good luck, and let me know how you get on!

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    i m join modling?

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  3. Caroline

    Hi I sent a pic of my son to kidsand co and they wanted to sign him up they said they didn’t charge for signing him up or his portfolio but they need to apply for a license and we would need to pay a £190 admin fee! Could this be correct? Scared of being scammed! Thanks Caroline

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