How Does My Child Become a Model?

Many parents want to ask the question “how does my child become a model?”. Perhaps you want to find new modeling opportunities, or perhaps you’re getting started in child modeling and want help your child become a successful model.

A important factor in the success of a child model is having a devoted parent who will help them in their career. The success of a child model can depend on if the parent or parents have enough time to support their child and are committed to taking on all of the new responsibilities that come with the job.

The desire to help your child become a model, whether as a baby model, as a toddler, or starting in teenage modeling, can be very strong. The idea of seeing your son or daughter in a nationwide television advert or on the front cover of a popular magazine is very exciting, but there’s plenty of work to be done before you get to that stage. It can be overwhelming for many parents who didn’t realize how much effort would be involved, so make sure you consider this first. There will be a lot of driving your child around to auditions and casting calls, taking them to photo shoots and plenty of time spent helping them look their best!

If you’re happy to devote some time to helping your child be a successful child model, then there is wide demand for all types of kids as models. Child modeling agencies are not only seeking “traditionally beautiful” children either – agencies and model photographers both agree that with the wealth of visual content in the media today, companies need babies, infants, children, teenagers and young adults of all shapes and sizes and ethnic backgrounds. The important things are that they are photogenic, their parents will make sure they don’t miss appointments, and they are well-behaved during photo shoots! Any child who meets those criteria might have a career opportunity in modeling.

If your child looks good on film and you are happy to put in the work to support them, then you’re ready to get started.

If you’re asking “How can my child become a model?” then consider these tips:

  • Put together a set of photographs of your children looking at their best. These don’t need to be professional. Natural, photogenic snaps of your kids are what modeling agencies are looking for.
  • Send the snaps to some local (or even national) child modeling agencies and ask to be considered.
  • If your child has potential then an agency will ask you to go in and see them.
  • Make sure your child is feeling happy that day. Don’t over dress them or put any make-up on them. Be friendly and natural. You’ll knock ’em dead!
  • And finally: if at first you don’t succeed, try again. There are many agencies out there with different focuses, so if one says no then it might just mean you have are better opportunity lurking around the next corner. Be persistent!

That’s it! you’re ready to get started in the world of child modeling. Now go find an agency and get going. And good luck!

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  1. Selensa Frango

    hi i love modeling and i wish there was an angent out there who could help me

  2. Debbie Keebaugh

    Hi My name is Debbie and I am looking for a modeling agency in the Pa area for my daughter that is 14 years old. She has been doing pageants since the age of 4 and loves the spot light. She is currently home schooled through the Pa Cyber and this would be a great time for her to further what she loves to do. Please contact me at

  3. Pam White

    Hi I have a 12 1/2 year old daughter (13 in May) and she wants to be a model. She was in a pageant when she was about 3 years old and won 2nd place. She loves taking pictures and is very photogenic. She also loves to dress up. If you have any tips or agents that would be willing to accept her email or Thank You

  4. samantha

    Hi my daughter is 4 an would like to get her into modelling she loves the camera I just dont no where to start everyday someone comments on how beautiful she is an that I should get her into it

  5. vilpa jain

    Sir my son is ten plus . He is very gud looking n photogenic. If u please suggest that how can my son doing modeling than I am.very thankful to u

  6. Laurie Karpowich

    Hi my daughter is 9 and she is really into modeling,she is very pretty. Her dog died on January and the only thing that would take her mind off him,is modeling. She has a little “Runway” that she poses on in her room.

  7. Sophie

    I really want to be a model it is my dream. I have been takeing modeling photos of myself and I want help to be one.

  8. Chloe

    I really want to model but I M scared of what people will say and I don’t think I have the figure

  9. Tilisa simmons

    Hi my name is Tilisa Simmons my daughter wants to become a model. She been doing pageants since she was 2. She is currently 2016 Miss Teen South Hill. She is a honor roll student. She enjoy singing, cheering, doing pageants and going to school and church. Dionna Clary is 14 years old 5’3 and weights about 90 lbs. Any help please contact me at

  10. Ashley

    I want to become a model. I love fashion and style. I also adore makeup. I don’t want to become famous I just want to model. I am pretty to say so myself and young. I just hope to become a model.

  11. anurag

    sir i m perfect for modelling and acting give a one chance please…..

  12. Jennifer

    Hi I’m Jennifer I’m 10and I love posing for pictures and I love the spot light and the center of attention and I really want to be a model its my dream?

  13. Travis milne

    I’m not sure how but I have two beautiful kids and wondering if someone would be interested in some photos .. my son is 2 and a half and daughter is 10 months everywhere we go people just love them and tell me they should be child models so figured I would see how it works and if anyone is interested .. any advice would be good .. I don’t care if there models or not but they are super cute and funny. So figured I’d just see if anyone is interested in seeing them

  14. Cassandra Campbell

    Would love to share with you some photos of our 3 year old daughter for consideration.

  15. abderrahim tatar

    hi i have my little brother he’s 12 years old and he’s handsome
    We live in Algeria in a humble family i think he is ready to be a model

  16. Alexis McGraw

    I would love to go into modeling I’m 5’5″ I have green/blue eyes I’m 13 and weigh 102lbs dirty blond (natural) and would be delighted to start my career as a model.

  17. Dakota

    Hi. I am looking for an agency. Where do I find one to send my pictures?

  18. Dakota

    Hi I am looking for a modeling angency just for taking pictures for the cover of a magazine or going on a commercial to persuade for a product. I’ve actually always wanted to be a model. My aunt whenever I see her she always says I’m going to put you in modeling. When I go to the dentist the people at the desk always complements on my hair. I spoke it up using gel. When my uncle comes to see us he always says my hair looks really good. I would rather be on comercials or magazine covers but definitely be on TV because i want to be a famous kid model and when I grow up I will be a model too. I will be the best, famous kid model

  19. Ashley

    Star fleet is where you should go they are great

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