How To Avoid Scam Child Modeling Agencies

Obviously you’re interested in child modeling, and that means getting hooked up with some reputable child modeling agencies to help your beautiful child find opportunities and get famous! But anyone who has followed our advice on how to find reputable child modeling agencies will know that it can be a difficult challenge! There are lots of agencies out there and it an be very hard to know who to trust. In fact, my Twitter friend @dippywomen asked me about this the other day. She said:

@ModelingMom my eldest is always on at me to allow him to model.. but so many agencies charge.. that i dont know where to start??!!

She’s not alone! It’s really hard to know who you can trust and who will be out to scam you. Well, I’ve done this myself for my little girl Laura and my baby boy Tom, so I know what it’s like out there.

How Can I Tell Which Child Modeling Agencies I Can Trust?

If you find your agencies using the advice I recommended on my guide on how to find reputable child modeling agencies then you have a head start. Look for recommendations from reputable businesses and from people who would be buying the end result – that is, the photographs or videos of your children! They know what they’re looking for, and they know which child modeling agencies get results.

But what else? Well, how long has the business been running? Older businesses are more trustworthy, and I’d go for a long-running reputable agency over a new one any day. If it’s registered with the either Association of Talent Agencies (ATA) or the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) then it’s a fair bet that the agency can be trusted.

If you’re still worried, though, give them a call! Visit them unannounced! See how busy they are, or if they look professional.

Never Pay For An Agency To Look At Your Portfolio

Agencies need this business, and they need good models. You’re doing them a favour by sending in new snaps, and they certainly shouldn’t be expected to get paid for receiving your help! So remember, this is a mutual partnership. If an agency wants cash for auditioning or meeting your child, they’re a sham and should be avoided.

Equally, if a agency is in a magazine or newspaper with a small advert, don’t bother getting in touch. They probably make their money from excited parents like you by charging fees for snapshots and “go-see”s which haven’t even made you any money. Ignore them! Watch out for things like:

  • …if they’re spend money hand-over-fist to make you trust them…
  • …if their promises are too good to be true (like guaranteed work for an upfront fee)…
  • …or even just if they look like they’re trying too hard…

then it’s probably for a reason. Look out and beware!

Golden Rules

If you can’t make up your mind about an agency and they feel a bit dodgy to you, or even if you’re happy with an agency but hadn’t heard of them before, always run through a quick few steps:

  • How old is the business? Have they been around for long?
  • Did you get a recommendation from a reputable business? Who are their clients?
  • Do a quick Google search. Are there any complaints or blog articles about scams?
  • Are they looking to charge you before you even win any work? Never pay anything until you’ve won some work for your child!

Once you’re sure you’ve done all the research you need, go for it. Not everyone is out to trick you, and once you find some reputable child modeling agencies you’ll never look back. Good luck!

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  1. DippyWomen

    Brilliant advice…Thankyou so much 🙂

    • Jane Armstrong

      You’re welcome! I hope it helps – let me know how you get on with your son!

  2. Michael`

    If the Agency tries to convince you to use their photographer…walk out or hang up the phone. you should use your own professional photographer for the children.

  3. Saydah

    Great advice that I was seeking for the longest. But my question to you is so what if the agency is asking for money to create a portfolio that I have never created for my girls? Do I pay them or that is a scam too? Because most agencies ask for money up front to charge for portfolio creation.

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