How to find Reputable Modeling Agencies for Kids in New York

Does your child have what it takes to model? Those gorgeous babies, toddlers, children and teens could be modeling clothing, baby products and more, producing a great amount of money as they go and perhaps even a name for themselves. But, to become a child model it is necessary to find a legitimate child modeling talent agent. There are plenty of scam talent scouts throughout New York, however, and using such individuals could prove to be financially devastating and a waste of time.  It is important that you take the time to find a reputable agency (NOT a talent scout) in order to succeed.

Finding a Legitimate Child Modeling Talent Agency

Once you have color headshots of your child you are on your way to finding an agency. While you are probably excited and most eager to get your child started in child modeling, do not jump the gun. Take the time to choose a reputable modeling agency for children and avoid the frustrations that come along with those fly-by-night agencies out to take your hard earned money.

The most important step in finding a child modeling agency is to find a licensed agency. A licensed agency has taken the proper steps to work with child models in the area. Additionally you’ll find a bit of assurance knowing that you are protected with a licensed agent.

Child talent agencies do not charge upfront fees. Aside from photographs and miscellaneous fees you should never pay a scout or agency to accept your child as a model. This is the first sign of a scam! Talent agents work on commission once the child has landed a job. Typically an agent will charge a commission of 10% to 20% once the child has been placed on contract for a gig.

Choose a child modeling agency in New York that is professional in nature. The office should be clean and there should be photographs of other child models who have used the agent hanging, as well as ads or publications that they’ve appeared in.

Finally, check with the New York Better Business Bureau. The BBB can enlighten you as to any complaints the modeling agency has encountered as well as how they were resolved.

Legitimate NY Child Modeling Agencies

Luckily there is a huge market in New York so finding an agency to help your child get their foot in the door is not difficult. Take a look at some of the most trusted child model agency in the state.

Ford Modeling Agency

Ford Modeling Agency is located in NYC with offices in Los Angeles, Chicago and many other major cities. This agency is one of the most trusted in the world, as they have been since the very beginning in 1946. They have worked with numerous top models including Elle MacPherson and Sharon Stone.  An annual Ford Models Supermodel of the World contest  happens annually, drawing in more than 60,000 each year. Ford Modeling specializes in child modeling talent, from newborns up.

Wilhelmina Kids

Wilhelmina Kids is another top NYC child modeling agency. This company is well-respected and has been serving clients since 1967. They accept children 0 to 14, though there are no open call sessions for this age bracket. Clients served through Wilhelmina Kids include Natalie Portman and Amanda Seyfried.

Future Faces New York

Future Faces New York works with children of all ages. Children accepted as models with the agency can find themselves working for clients such as Armani Junior, Dolce & Gabbana, magazines and more.


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