Idaho Modeling for Kids

If you are looking to help your child enter the world of modeling it is essential that you have only the best agencies to work with. A modeling agency in Idaho is required if you want the jobs to come and your child to gain the exposure they need, unless, of course you are friends with the modeling scouts themselves.

There are several agencies scattered throughout Idaho. Unfortunately some of these companies aren’t exactly reputable. Instead of providing a promising future in modeling they focus on selling you expensive classes or photography sessions without work following.

Working with one of these agencies can be quite frustrating, not to mention devastating to the wallet. Luckily you can find many legitimate modeling agencies who will work with your child to help them secure gigs with top names in modeling.

While the modeling market in Idaho isn’t as big as it is in some states, there are still a few agencies available in the area.

TMTV Talent Agency

Established in 2001, TMTV Talent Agency is a trusted name for parents who are looking to enter their child into the world of modeling. This agency offers representation for kids who are 4 years of age and older, with submissions accepted via email and regular email. Placement in jobs both locally and internationally is available with TMTV Agency.

TMTV is one of the only legitimate modeling agencies located in the state of Idaho, but there is no reason for you to worry as there are many other options available.

Other Options

With Oregon, Nevada and Washington nearby Idaho, submitting your child’s information to modeling agencies in these states is also a good idea. You can never do too much to get your child’s name out there in the modeling world. A few of the top companies in these states include:

  • Q6 Models and Talent: This agency is located in Portland, Oregon. The company has been providing representation for children over the age of 4 since founding in 1989.
  • Option Model & Media: Another Oregon based modeling agency for kids, Option Model & Media provides representation for children ages 9 months and older.
  • Muse Models: This kids model agency is located in Portland, Oregon, offering representation for teenagers. The agency is a top-rated company in the area, with clients such as  Vogue magazine and Versace.
  • Seattle Models Group: Located in Seattle, SMG has been around for more than 30 years, offering parents an honest and reliable agency to turn to for modeling gigs.

Visit the website of each of these companies and follow the requirements for submission of your child’s photographs and information. Most allow submissions by email or mail so there is no need to travel unless your child is offered work. If they are interested in your child they will contact you for an interview or possible work should your child fit the need. Remember, the more agencies your child is registered with the better the chance they’ll land a modeling job. Be patient, be persistent and in the near future your child’s modeling world can be found.

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