Iowa Modeling for Children

Living in Iowa does not eliminate the possibility of getting your child involved in modeling. It may be a bit more difficult, even requiring you to head out of state, however, for those special children who have what it takes to make it as a model, these things may well be worth the effort.

Modeling School Warnings & Scams

Be warned that there are many modeling schools in the state promising to make your child an amazing model with classes, followed by  contracts. Unfortunately, many of these schools aren’t out to help your child succeed in modeling, rather take your hard-earned money. Avoid schools or any agency that requests you to pay registration fees, begins trying to sell you expensive photography packages or seems fishy in any other way.

Any reputable agency representing children will not force you to buy anything. Likely you will have no contact with them unless there is a job available for your child. They’ll be professional in nature, with a website for you to visit any time you wish.

Iowa’s best Child Modeling Agencies

One modeling agency in Des Moines is The Peak Agency.  This modeling agency represents children ages 4 and older, with placement throughout the U.S. for major clients. This agency is the largest in Iowa, as well as the most trusted, in business since 2002. The Better Business Bureau registered child modeling agency has an A+ rating. In order to be considered for representation by the Peak Agency, three photographs of the child should be submitted by mail or via their website. There are no submissions accepted at their office. Should there be an interest in your child, someone will contact you within a few weeks’ time.

The Peak Agency has worked with clients including print and commercial. Some of the most well-known clients include John Deere, Target, University of Pittsburgh, Hanes and Wal-Mart. Could it be your child making an appearance with one of these names? Submitting the required photos is the only way you will know!

A Short Drive

Keep in mind that cities such as Chicago and St. Louis are a short drive away, with a great number of model agencies located in each city. Chicago is certainly the best option, as you will find modeling agencies including  Ford Models, Stewart Talent, BMG Model & Talent and a slew of others. In St. Louis choices include Talent Plus, a reputable modeling agency representing kids 4 and older.

Keep the Search Alive

Contact child modeling agencies and never give up the hope of helping your child in the modeling industry. It takes time and effort in an industry like modeling, especially when you’re not in The Big Apple or Los Angeles. There have been many talents from Iowa making it big, many with a start in modeling, so this isn’t to say that there aren’t a ton of possibilities awaiting those who put in the effort. Your child could be the next if you have the patience and persistent that it may require.

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  1. Bailee Fogle

    I’m interested in becoming a model or learning how I can become a model. It would be a pleasure if you could respond with some information about modeling and What it takes to become a model.
    Bailee Fogle

  2. Kasey Bunce

    My name is Kasey Bunce and I have a one year old that I am interested in getting into modleing. Not sure the best way to get started, but if you could please let me know, phone number is 515-418-7168 and my email is I have numerous pictures that have been taken, and more recent ones as of Sunday 12/21. If someone could please get back to me in reference to this that would be great.

    Email is best from 7-3:30 anytime after that I can be reached at my cell phone 515-418-7168.


  3. milagros Bautista

    Hello my I’m Milagros Bautista and I would like to know more about child modeling agencies. I have a daughter that’s Going to be two on the 4th of July I would love for her to learn to be a model it’s been my dream to be a model unfortunately I don’t have the look or the education but I would Like for my daughter to have fun and be the new face of modeling.. if u can please contact me at 5159539051. Thank you

  4. Ana

    Hi my name is Ana, and I would love to know more about child modeling ! I have a gorgeous daughter that loves to model! Please help us

  5. Ana

    Her name is Trinity Kay. You can contact me at 5157702809

  6. Jillian Rettenmaier

    I have an 8 months old that several people have told us that we need to get him into modeling. Red hair, blue eyes, huge personality!

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