Legitimate Child Modeling Agencies in Alabama

When looking for a child modeling agency in Alabama do not fall victim to one of the many scams that are out there. Those new to the world of modeling may be unaware of such scams, however, it is essential you understand their potential so you do not fall for them.

Modeling Scams in Alabama

Modeling scams are out to get your hard-earned money while presenting themselves as legitimate companies. These companies offer modeling schools, demand photography sessions or expensive comp cards and even registration and booking fees. This is almost always a sign the modeling agency you are dealing with is not legit.

An honest company will never charge you fees, demand you to attend any class or buy any product. In fact, if they are not interested in booking your child you may never even heard from the agency again.

Some of the best modeling agencies for kids in Alabama include the following:

Red Models

Red Models is located in Birmingham, an agency with over 20 years experience in the modeling industry. This agency accepts children 3 years of age and older, with placement in magazines, commercials, shows and more possible. Models can complete a representation request on the web, with 2 photographs required.

Barefoot Models & Talent Agency

Barefoot Models & Talent Agency assists newborns, toddlers, children and teens with careers in modeling. The agency is located in Mobile, Alabama, where they have been serving individuals for a number of years.  Barefoot does not accept photo submissions of children under 15 wearing makeup. All pgoto submissions should be taken in the most natural possible lighting.

Cathi Larsen Agency

The Cathi Larsen Agency accepts children 3 years of age and older. Located in Birmingham, the Cathi Larsen Agency has booked their clients with names such as Banana Boat, BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama; movies including Curly Sue & Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs;   and many others. The agency is always looking for new faces for appearance in such material. In order to be considered for representation all individuals must complete an application and submit with two current photographs. If the agency is interested in your look they will contact you for further details.

Alabama Modeling Agencies for Kids

Each of these modeling agencies provide Alabama parents and their children with legitimate opportunities in modeling. There are never any costs associated with registering your child as a model, and they’ll never force you or your child to attend costly classes, orientations or photography sessions.

You should contact each of these modeling agencies to learn requirements for representation and to determine if your child has what it takes to model for the particular agencies clients. You never know what you can expect from one of these agencies until you have contacted them.

Despite a great number of modeling agency scams out there, many legitimate opportunities exist for children who want to model. If you take the time to research these companies you can easily find a modeling agent that meets all of your needs.

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  1. Melanie Graves

    Hi I am interested in getting my daughter in to something as modeling acting or something. she is one of a kind and i feel like everyone is missing out on her. I’m just not sure what steps to take. if someone would contact me that would be great. 205-306-8359. or by email. Thanks!!!

    • Sanaalewis

      In my opinion and many others go online in find some modeling agency and look at all there information because sometimes they are not real and just want your money

  2. Chloe Mitchell

    Hi,I’m excited about my daughter’s future in modeling and acting.She’s absolutely amazing and wows everyone that comes in contact with her… They’re initially captured by her beauty and within moments of observing her personality they instantly suggest she needs to be on someone television show and or commercial… She’s gorgeous!!!! And at the tender age of only three has a one of a kind personality of a child 3 x’s her age… If interested call me 205-604-9562 or email… Thanks see you soon…

  3. Nadiyah Mitchell

    My daughter now age 3 has been captivating everyone who looks on her sense she was 4 months old.. If you truly want a toddler who can imitate a mature teen this is your girl… She absolutely gorgeous..And can do just about anything associated with acting and modeling… Beautiful round eyes… Natural lined lips.. Beautiful caramel complexion, and long naturally curly hair.. And to top it all she loves posing….call us.. Guaranteed you will NOT be disappointed.. 205-604-9562

  4. Victoria Keller

    Hi… I am a kid 11 years old.I want to be an actress or a model. I took an awesome photo I showed it to my mom she loved it and said you could be a model.And I was not wearing makeup or I didn’t use a photo editor either. I love acting and I think I am pretty everyone says I am.I have done so much research I know it is a lot of work. I just want some one to give me a chance…. please

  5. Courtney Lawson

    My daughter will be 2 at the end of July. I know everyone says their baby is beautiful and one of kind but with her we have hit the jackpot. From her smile to her witty since of humor she is a Hamm through and through. She brightens a room and commands attention with her beautiful face. She is one of a kind and the world is missing out not knowing her. Please contact me with more information. Thank you. (205) 245-5218.

    A mama to a star

  6. Denver Nicole rice

    Hi I’m Denver Nicole rice I am 12 years old and I’m 4’8 in a half and I weigh 79 pounds I have been doing a lot of work and I’m really sad because I live in Millbrook Alabama and my grandpa won’t drive really far so he will get my best friends mom to so someone here please give me a audion ?

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