Michigan’s Top Modeling Agencies for Kids

When your child shows an interest in modeling it is time to hire a modeling agency to help them get started. There are plenty of Michigan child model agencies throughout the state. Unfortunately, not all agencies are interested in seeing your handsome little man or darling princess on the cover of magazines and in TV commercials.

Modeling Agency Beware

When you begin your search for Michigan modeling agencies, be sure that you do not find these three discrepancies that may very well indicate a not-so honest company.

  1. Upfront fees

Any modeling agency in Michigan requesting booking and registration fees are usually scams. A legit modeling agency isn’t interested in any of your money. They want children who have what it takes to model and look at each case per photographs and talent.

  1. Expensive Modeling Classes

A legitimate Michigan modeling agency will never charge hundreds to thousands of dollars for classes. These classes are offered at no cost to children who have what it takes to model.

  1.   Unprofessional

If you call or walk into the agency and they seem like they’re running around disorganized and like a chicken with its head cut off, you should, too, run as fast as you can.

Legitimate Michigan Modeling Agencies for Kids

To help minimize the time that it takes to find a legitimate, honest Michigan modeling agency for your child, check out these top choices in the state.

The QuickBook Agency

The QuickBook Agency is located in Detroit, though they serve Flint, Lansing, Grand Rapids and Warren, Michigan as well. Kids and teens are both represented by The QuickBook Agency. In order to be accepted a photograph portfolio should be submitted by mail or email. If the four judges agree that your child has what it takes to model you will then be contacted.

Nouvea Modeling Agency

Nouvea Modeling Agency works with some of the top names in the industry. They have an office located in Dallas as well as an office in Los Angeles. The agency is highly selective in the children chosen for modeling, however, all parents are welcomed to submit a portfolio by mail. There are no upfront fees or costs to work with this agency.

Ta-Dah! Productions

Ta-Dah! Productions is based in Huntington Woods, Michigan. They book children 4 and up for a variety of modeling opportunities including fashion shows, commercials, movies, magazines and more. Ta-Dah! Has been around for several years, a dedicated team of individuals who help little ones live their dreams and possibly take things to an entirely new level in their life.

While there are not as many agencies in Michigan as you will find in a larger market such as New York City, LA or Chicago there are still many excellent choices available in the state, such as those that are listed above.

They keep things simple, easy and hassle-free when you want to get your child into a great modeling career. Contact them and discover your child’s full potential, all without the worry of a scam.

Latest Comments
  1. Evan Shawver

    I would like to sit with an agent regarding my daughter’s potential on moving forward in the entertainment industry. My daughter is 3 whom has displayed a love for entertaining others. She is adorable (which all parents have a self propelled bias of their child) however we would like to speak with someone on possible opportunities for her future. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  2. Arielle Shaw

    im looking to put my 6 month old daughter in baby modeling

  3. shelby

    Hi I have a 4month old whos got a Gerber baby face 🙂 need to find a model agency in Michigan
    Contact me @ kyleesmama2014@gmail.com

  4. andy

    Everyone keeps telling me my 6 month old son Cilton should be a model. I figured its worth a shot. He is a super cute little guy!

  5. Shannon

    Truly interested in finding a great talent agency for my 4 year old daughter Milan (Mill-Lawn)

  6. Angel

    My daughter has the it factor. She is just like Shirley Temple. If she is discovered I promise she will be the next generations big female super star.

  7. Nicole france

    Hello, I am looking to find a talent agency for my 12 year old daughter. People have been tellling us she should be a model so her and I would like to give it a try. She is blonde with blue eyes and she was a dancer for 8 years, 4 years of acting, and is now a cheerleader. Please contact my email anytime.

    Thanks, Nicole;)

  8. latrice

    My adorable 3 month old is a little baby doll I know shes the next Gerber Baby

  9. Taylor

    I’m looking to get my 1 1/2 year old son I to modeling. Blonde hair and blue eyes definitely a charmer.

  10. Kerri

    Sons Interested in modeling. ages 11 and 14. Here mis mash of info about portfolios for kids… They continually grow, change – do not need… To submit a headshot, agencies will pay or ask for mor images of interested. What’s the scoop for properly getting in front of an agency without going overboard on investing resources if not necessary.

  11. Amy Lambert

    I have a 12 month old son whom has thee best eyes and face for little infant modeling. I have an agent through quick book agency 13745 MI-Myles, but am looking for more opportunities to get my son into some local modeling.

  12. Abeer Hadad

    Hi, I have 3 beautiful, funny & talented children who look like they belong on a Disney World commercial. People say they look like Disney Kids. 🙂
    Grace is 6, Sonny My only Boy is 3 & Lola is 1.
    Im really interested in putting them into modeling or acting. ~Abby
    Please contact me at
    Or 248-515-1155

  13. Cristina

    I would love to look into modeling for my 4 year old daughter Janieyah. She has a great personality and people instantly fall in love with her. Full of energy. When her dad was look to pursue modeling agencies in NY, we couldn’t bring her with us to certain ones because she would be the one getting the attention. Would love to be contacted to discuss a little further.

  14. Cicily pokorski

    He listens very well knows when to smile when he’s told he’s on camera I have been told he’s so cute he needs to be put in some sort of commercials by thousands of people that he’s cuter then the Gerber baby himself give me a call or text And I would love to send some pics. Or even videos 586 932 8829 thank you so much

  15. Cicily pokorski

    Hellow i have a one in a half son named Gahvin. He listens very well, knows when to smile when he’s told he’s on camera. I have been told he’s so cute he needs to be put in some sort of commercial by thousands of people; that he’s cuter then the Gerber baby himself. Please give me a call or text And I would love to send some pics. Or even videos 586 932 8829 Thank you so much!

  16. cassandra

    I have my 8th month old little girl Zareil. I have so many people say she has so much hair and how cute and happy she is. She loves to smile. All i have to say is smile then big smile comes right out. She been like that since she been born. My mom took her first smile picture when she came back to room after my c-section.

  17. Tiffany

    I’m looking to put my 18 month son Sage into modeling somewhere close to Detroit. My family and I are new to the area and looking for the best place around for his age group.

  18. Alma

    Hello there, I had a talent agent in Des Moines, Iowa and did numbers of video training shoots, extra shoots, had an non speaking role in a movie that was shoot in Des Moines, had some print modeling shoots.

  19. Alma

    Hello there, I had a talent agent in Des Moines, Iowa and did numbers of video training shoots, extra shoots, had an non speaking role in a movie that was shoot in Des Moines, had some print modeling shoots also..

    It’ll be much appreciated if someone can get back with me of name of talent agent here in Kentwood, Grand Rapids, Michigan area. Thanks in advance…?

  20. Gabriel

    So you are saying to beware of agencies with upfront fees as it turns to be a scam, but then you recommend The Quickbook Agency? They ask for a 250 fee upfront and call it n insurance bond. So I am not sure what to follow.

  21. Lindsay

    I’d like to start getting my son, Christos, into some modeling & acting. He’s almost 6 and he’s a beautiful boy. So smart and outgoing, I know he would do or say whatever he’s told.

  22. Floyd Newell

    I would like to find an agency whom I can place my three month year old son and 1 year old daughter. they have beautiful faces and like to pose. looking for something like jc penny or gaps for my two kids to model for

  23. Gjina sylaj

    My name is Gjina, I’m looking to put my beautiful grandchildren into modeling they are modeling material thank you and hope to hear from you soon

  24. Shanay Young

    Hello, My name is Shanay and I am looking to put my 3 yr. Old daughter Erionna in modeling class. She has a very warm heart and eyes that light up the room. She is also very beautiful and highly intelligent for her age. We would be so honored to have an opportunity of hearing back from your agency. Thank you.

  25. Angel Alfaro

    Hello my name is Angel and I am always told that I look good and that I look like a boy tumbler photographer and I was wondering if there was anything just modeling like anything just not shirt off or anything to right if you know anyone looking for contact me on my email hello.kingAngel@gmail.con

  26. Desirae smith

    I am looking to put my son in modeling
    6168486034 and he is 5

  27. Andrew Wolfgram

    Hi my name is Andy, I have a 7 year old daughter who is just a rare form of beautiful. Brunette with gorgeous blue eyes with an awesome personality and a great willingness to learn. Everyone tells me I should get her into modeling o here I am. Her name is Audrey.

  28. Deshonte

    I would like to model im 15 and i always had a thing for modeling just never get the chance to get around to it because my parents dont have much money to help support that bc of traveling fees and how some modeling agencies are in diffrent states.

    • Deshonte

      Contact me @deshonte11smith@gmail.com

  29. Brenda Humphrey

    My gorgeous daughter is interested in modeling 517-554-7519

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