Modeling Agencies for Children in New Jersey

New Jersey child modeling agencies should be contacted when you have a child with an interest in modeling. These agencies represent your child, helping them book gigs with various agencies both locally and nationally. There are many agencies found within the state of New Jersey, and contacting each of the agencies could help your child get their break in the modeling world.

Top NJ Modeling Agencies

The top New Jersey modeling agencies for kids are well-established agencies that have a large list of clients, a solid reputation in the area and placements taking place often. They should not be attempting to sell you anything, whether it is a modeling class or a photography session.

Legitimate NJ modeling agencies do not charge any fees for their services nor do they pressure you into making any type of purchase. They earn money when they you’re your child for a modeling gig, charging a percentage usually ranging between 10 and 30%. There are many legitimate companies found throughout the state that can help represent your child.

Viola Staravoj Model Agency: This modeling agency is located in Mount Holly, NJ, providing representation for children 4 and older.  A combined 45 years’ experience is found within this agency that began serving models in New Jersey in 2006 after a merger.

Cleri Models: Cleri Models offers representation for teens wishing to pursue a modeling career. This agency is located in Edison, New Jersey, with clients ranging from Ralph Lauren, Vogue, Target, Soho and many others.

There are certainly many other modeling agencies in New Jersey, however these are among the top choices in the state. It is a good idea to contact each of the companies if you are serious about a modeling career for your child.

Of course a short drive over to New York can help you find many additional modeling agencies for representation of your child. NYC offers some of the best agencies in the world, helping your child gain exposure working with some of the top clients in the world.

Top modeling agencies for kids in New York include:

Wilhelmina Agency: Wilhelmina is one of the most well-respected child modeling agencies in New York. They offer representation for kids of all ages, with modeling opportunities available in print and commercial gigs. Wilhelmina has been around for many years, providing parents the confidence and assurance needed when entering the modeling world.

Ford Models: For those very special children, a modeling gig with Ford Models could be in order. This well-respected agency offers placement for kids 4 years of age and older, with clients among the most well-known in the world.

Children who are interested in modeling should look to New Jersey child modeling agencies as well as those located in nearby New York. Contacting as many agencies as possible will ensure the most opportunities for your child. It takes nothing more than submission of a few photos to get your child into the world of modeling at any of these top agencies in the area..

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