Modeling Agents for Kids in New Mexico

A talent agent is an individual responsible for handling bookings and promotions of an individual. If you are the parent of a child interested in modeling, an agent is something that will be needed. A modeling talent agent makes it easy for your child to get noticed by the biggest players in the game, whether a popular magazine or restaurant.

When you begin searching for New Mexico modeling agents you will notice there are so many choices available. How do you choose the best? Are all of these companies legitimate, with connections in the industry? Will your child be able to book a gig with the talent agent?

With so many questions and no answers, choosing a model agency to represent your child, no matter where you live in New Mexico, can be difficult. Luckily you can take a break from the stress as we’re providing you with a list of the top modeling agencies in the state.

Each of these companies represent children in the modeling industry, with both experienced and new talent representation. They are legitimate companies with license and awards and plenty of proof of the work their clients have completed.

Applause Talent Agency

Applause Talent Agency is located in Albuquerque. They are a well-known and well-respected modeling agency with 18 years in the industry. Applause has placed their models with top-of-the line clients over the years, both in print and commercial.

Only experienced models are considered for representation by Applause, although children 5 years old and up are welcomed to apply. Upon submission of an application you must also submit demos of your child and their talents, a resume and cover letter and finally, two letters of recommendation.

Shamon Frietas

Shamon Frietas is located in nearby San Diego, California. This agency proves that sometimes it is worth going the distance for! You will find professional, honest services when working with this agency.

Since  1987 this modeling agency has provided children of all ages with honest, reliable service. To learn if your child is acceptable for modeling with the agency, photos should be submitted by mail.

Thanks to California being so close to New Mexico the need for child models is great in the state. If there is no work available in New Mexico, that short driver could produce many additional options for you.

Arizona Model & Actor Management

AMAM is a Scottsdale, Arizona modeling agency representing kids  5 years old and older. They have a quality reputation as a top boutique modeling agency, and could help your child get their break. They are licensed in the state as well as franchised by the SAG commission.

Submissions of photographs, portfolios and demos are accepted by mail. If the team is interested they will follow up after this is received.

Reebok, Pepsi, So Scottsdale and Philips are among the many well-known clients who depend on AMAM to provide them with talent. B

e sure that you take a look at as many talent agencies for child modeling as possible. What may not be right for one company could be perfect for the next, but you never know until you try.




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    I have twin girls that are 10 months old. I am looking for names of modeling agencies in the New Mexico area that I can bring them in.

    thank you

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