Modeling for Children in North Carolina

Ever wondered how the children appearing in parenting magazines, children’s clothing ads, kid’s toys and TV shows and commercials are chosen? These children are all represented by a modeling agent. Modeling agencies in North Carolina are recruited by companies when they need a model. The company provides the modeling agency with the age, gender and specific needs of the child; the agency finds the right child based on that criteria.

When you register your child with the area modeling agencies it could very well be your name and number being called during the next big gig. Who knows what type of company or product could want to feature your child on their label?

In order to find a North Carolina modeling agency for your child it is important to remember that not all agencies will actually provide you with work. Numerous modeling “schools” are out there, doing practically nothing other than taking your money.

A legitimate modeling agency will never charge any fees for their services. They work on commission from jobs that your child is placed on. Any company that wants to sell you a class or photography package/portfolio is probably not a company that will benefit you.

Some of the best North Carolina modeling agencies for kids include the following.

Talent Trek Modeling

Located in Asheville, Talent Trek Modeling was founded in 1983. There are two Tennessee locations in addition to the North Carolina facility. The modeling agency works with children of all ages but it is important to remember that not every child will fit the role of what the agency is looking for. Applications are accepted by mail and must include photographs.

Locke Management

Locke Management is a Greensboro modeling agency for kids. This agency accepts children of all ages for modeling gigs. The modeling agency was developed by Ed Locke, a model for 25 years. This group provides children a fabulous opportunity to work in many different types of modeling gigs, both print and commercial.

Marilyn’s Model & Talent Management

Marilyn’s books gigs for children ages 5 and older. The agency is located in Greensboro, proudly serving the area for more than 30 years. Photographs are accepted on their website from those interested in a modeling career, with a contact back should your child be of interest.

These are only three of the many modeling agencies for kids found in North Carolina, however they are trusted, respected and well-known companies that are interested in working with your child.

Why waste your time with companies that may or may not benefit you when the very best are right before your very eyes?  These North Carolina modeling agencies have proven success representing children in the past and can benefit your little one, too.

Child modeling can be very rewarding and successful.  It could be your child you see on magazine covers and modeling designer clothes in the very near future. But this happens only when you have an agent who cares about your little one and their success.

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  1. Monica Bacchus Bailey

    I am interested in having my 2 year old son become a model. Can you provide some more information of your company and requirements.

    Thank you.

  2. Mariah nunley

    In interested in getting my 2year old beautiful daughter in modeling. Can you please help.

  3. Lisa Leake

    Hello I am speaking on behalf of my 7 year old daughter. Her dream is to become a actress/ model and as her mom I know I have to do what I can to help lead her to her destiny. She is a straight A student and is well mannered. If you guys ever need any models in the Raleigh North Carolina area can you please send a invite. My email address is , thanks.

  4. Carla

    My son is a kid model already and we are trying to establish him up here in NC

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