Modeling for Kids in Minnesota

Child modeling in Minnesota may not be as in high-demand as in larger states and cities like New York City or Los Angeles, however, there are still many opportunities for babies, children and teens in the state.

Enjoy work as a Child Model

Working as a child model can provide your child with confidence; provide each of you with a fun, entertaining time and build social skills. Additionally many child models make a great amount of money when they land a job.

In order for these things to happen you must find a modeling agency for your child. This agency will represent your child, or, have your child ready to present to a client when the role calls for it.

Not all Minnesota modeling agencies are legitimate, however, and if you are interested in pursuing this interest for your child it is necessary that you find a legitimate agency for representation and promotion.

A legitimate agency will not charge you registration or booking fees. Instead they work on commission once your child has been placed for a modeling gig. There are no mandatory classes, workshops or conventions, nor will you be forced to pay for expensive photography sessions.

A legitimate modeling agency in Minnesota will present you with a modeling submission process for your child. If your child is accepted they will contact you once work is available.

Work with the best Child Modeling Agencies

Some of the best modeling agents for children in the state of Minnesota include the following agencies:

Ignite Models: Ignite Models is based in Minneapolis. The agency began serving their clients in 2006, since which time they have assisted children of all ages attain modeling jobs of various nature.

Whemann: Whemann Model & Talent is a Minneapolis based child modeling agency. They represent children 3 years of age and older. To be considered for paid work through this agency, parents must submit current photos of their child. Professional photographs are recommended for submission.

Caryn Model & Talent: Caryn Model & Talent is another Minneapolis based modeling agency for kids. This agency has been assisting children in their modeling dreams since 1990, representing a number of clients small and large.

Meredith Model & Talent Agency: Located in St. Cloud, Meredith Model & Talent Agency has more than 50 years’ experience representing talent in the area. Children of all ages can find representation from this professional modeling agency. Applicants wishing to pursue a modeling job for Meredith should submit their information and photographs by mail. Meredith is a well-known Minnesota modeling booking agency representing some of the best talent in the area.

There are many others modeling agencies that represent children in Minnesota, however, the above listed agencies are among the best in the state, helping your child get their foot in the door. When you want to start your child’s modeling career off right it is in your best interest to contact one of these companies. They’ll be able to provide you- and your child- with an unforgettable experience in the modeling industry.

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  1. Cathy bormann

    I am interested in getting my 12 yr old son Connor Into modeling what do I need to do to get started?

  2. I am interested in getting my 2 yr old son and modeling.

    I am interested and 2 yr old son and modeling.

  3. Jazmine Braylock

    Hi , I’m interested in getting my daughter into modeling. She’s 17 months . Please get back to me asap

  4. Crystal Amdor

    I would like to get my wonderful two beautiful kids into modeling they are 3 and 5 months old boy and a girl. I just want to know what do I have to do and more information. Thank you all!

  5. Crystal Amdor

    I would like to get my wonderful two beautiful kids into modeling they are 3 and 5 months old boy and a girl. I just want to know what do I have to do and more information. Thank you all! Please email me

  6. Adriana Alonzo

    Ive been looking into getting my toddler into modeling. Shes too cute to not show her off to the world and her personality is out of this world.

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    Have a beautiful brown curly haired, blue eyed 13 year old who is interested please get back to me as soon as you can.

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    Lights camera action a star is born she has has a zest for life that goes very well with her eye for fashion making her unique in ö way that draws others to her,üç taught her IF she can believe it she can achieve it, görünüşlü a child that promises to leave u impressed basıram borc leader,god is good .

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    Plz email and contact me

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    I want to introduce my 2.4 year old kid into modeling. contact me

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    Need help getting my 11yr old in modeling how do start?

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    Please send me more information. I am interested in introducing my toddler into modeling. Thank you.

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    I am interested in getting my 5 year old daughter into modeling. Where is the best place to start?

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