Modeling for Kids in North Dakota

North Dakota modeling agencies are companies representing individuals interested in modeling. There is a big difference between an agency and a modeling school, and understanding those differences can make or break your child’s modeling career.

What is a Modeling School?

A modeling school teaches you how to become a model through classroom instruction and workshops. Sometimes there are also conventions and runway sessions offered.

Some of these schools also offer placement for models, but this is usually seen in rare circumstances. A modeling school is out to make a profit, not use you for actual modeling gigs.

What is a Modeling Agency?

A modeling agency is a company that works directly with clients in need of models. They do not try to sell you anything, rather work on a commission when your child has been placed on an assignment.

In North Dakota there are a number of both modeling schools as well as modeling agencies.  If you want to save yourself thousands of dollars while  helping further your child’s modeling dreams, it is best to avoid the schools and submit your child’s portfolio to an agency.

North Dakota Modeling Agencies

There aren’t a great number of North Dakota modeling agencies out there, but a slew of modeling schools to look out for. There are a few good agencies in the state, but nowhere near as many as you would find in a larger state with a greater need for child models. If there is no luck with those that are available in the state, consider heading to nearby states to find representation for your child. Sometimes it takes getting out and about to get noticed and to gain the exposure you want for your child.

Ultimate Model & Talent Management is one of the most well-known North Dakota modeling agencies for children. Natalie Sparrow began this agency in 1999, helping many children find placement with well-known, well-established clients in the area and around the globe. There are no costly modeling classes or workshops to attend, nor registration fees. Ultimate Model & Talent Management works on commission only (as any good modeling agency will,) charging 20% on each booking.

Look to the Area Beside you

Neighboring state of Minnesota offers several great modeling agents worth checking into. Most of those agencies are found in Minneapolis and St. Paul. As mentioned above, sometimes it is worth that short drive in order to attain the dreams that you have.

Caryn Models is located in Minneapolis and is a top rated agency in the state. It may be a good idea to learn more about this company and the opportunities they can provide to your child in the world of modeling. Meredith Model & Talent is another top-rated Minnesota agency, located in St. Paul. They represent children of all ages, with opportunities available in many different types of gigs. This is another agency located near North Dakota with a large modeling base.

There are other modeling agencies available nearby North Dakota that could help your child break into the world of modeling. For the best results be certain that you research all of the above options as well as any others that may be available to you.

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