Modeling in Washington: The Best Agencies for Children

Whether you’re in Seattle or Aberdeen, child modeling agencies can be found scattered throughout the state of Washington. For parents and children interested in a career in modeling, getting up close and personal with those agencies is mandatory.

Is the Modeling Agency Legitimate?

Of course, once you begin making phone calls you may find that some of these agencies are money-hungry and offer very little potential for your child. While they’ll sell you a ton of photographs and camo cards, maybe even a few modeling classes, the work stops there and your child is lost in a sea of thousands of other children with the same hopes.

Rather than accept this as your fate, do your homework and learn the agencies in the state who will actually help your child attain the success the both of you are hoping for. The following is a list of agencies who have earned the trust of modeling recruiters and talent across the state. You will find they are selective in their model process and do not simply send your child to an expensive class.

Top Children’s Modeling Agencies

Seattle Models Guild: The SMG is a highly-recognized modeling and talent agency located in Seattle. They accept children 2-3 and up. Photo submissions are accepted on the website as well as by mail. Photos should showcase your child’s personality, with one headshot and one full-length photo required.  SMG has been serving Washington models since 1978, founded by Joanne Meyers.

Heffner Management: Pre-teen girls 12 years of age and older are accepted at Heffner Management. Girls must stand at least 5’7” to be considered. The Heffner Management modeling agency offers open call daily, with online and mail-in submissions also accepted. The agency was founded in 1984 and today serves as one of the West Coast’s premier modeling agencies. They book their clients for a variety of different projects, ranging from magazine ads to fashion shows, commercials, TV spots and more.

TCM Models & Talent: TCM Models & Talent  accepts children 2 to 12 years of age. There are no open calls for children, however, and those interested in representation must submit photographs and a portfolio according to the modeling agencies guidelines. TCM has been serving the Seattle area since 1979, working with clients across the world including in LA and in Paris. They also book clients for a number of different projects.

Athena Modeling Agency: This agency, located in Seattle, works with children (both boys and girls) who are 8 years of age and older. An application packet must be submitted by e-mail if you are interested in your child becoming a model. The Athena Modeling Agency recruits for clients in print and  commercial jobs. Athena Modeling Agency has locations throughout the West Coast in addition to their Seattle office.

Each of these child model agencies have proven themselves as the best of the best in the state. Inquiring with any of the agencies can be very promising, and certainly worth your while.


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