Top 5 Child Modeling Agencies in New York

In New York, the most successful and reputable child, baby and teen modeling agencies tend to be based in the world-famous New York City (NYC). The names in NYC are well-known, trustworthy and reputable. These are child modeling agencies that you know that you can trust – they launched some of the most famous models in the world.

There are a few agencies in other cities in the state, but to be honest most of the child modeling agencies in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse aren’t particularly reputable and you’re better off visiting NYC. So who comes out on top?

Here are my top 5 agencies in New York state.

1) Wilhelmina Kids – NYC

There are few child modeling agencies as well known and well respected as Wilhelmina. Wilhelmina KIDS and TEENS is the leading agency for kids and teens in New York City. Their models appear in huge campaigns for fashion and commercial-print modeling, and the most successful appear in movies, TV shows, Broadway shows and a bunch of national TV commercials. They found and promoted Natalie Portman – go figure.

2) Ford Models – NYC

Ford Models’ children division used to be one of the best. It started careers for Damaris Lewis, Porschla Kidd and Brazilian beauty Rose Costa. It was a hugely successful and well thought of agency until it shut down the kids division in 2013 as part of a series of cost-cutting measures. I’ve listed it here for posterity, but there’s no hope of signing with Ford in NYC anymore.

3) Future Faces – NYC

Future Faces are a wonderful child modeling agency and work exclusively with babies, kids and teenagers. They can be picky about who they choose, but the top children they work with become internationally recognised names who usually end up working in areas far beyond modeling including acting for films and TV. With clients like ARMANI JUNIOR, DOLCE & GABANNA JUNIOR, ROBERTO CAVALLI, VOGUE BAMBINI and BENETTON, what more do you want?! They have high standards, but produce amazing results.

4) Next Model Management – NYC

Next Model Management is one of the biggest and most successful fashion management agencies in the world. They’ve been around for over 20 years and are as reputable as they are influential. They have a dedicated kids and teens team: the ‘New Faces’ division. It’s very successful, and they have launched some real stars and household names, They’re some of the best in the business, and you can’t go wrong with Next.

5) Wilhelmina Rochester – Rochester

The team at this child modeling agency and teen modeling agency division treat their models with respect. Why? Because their child models are the up-and-coming talent that will eventually supply the Wilhelmina Rochester women and men’s divisions! These guys are well respected and work beyond the NYC area. Most of their teens are taking modeling or acting training and really are the stars of tomorrow.

That’s it!

Remember, although I tried hard to make sure these agencies are reputable and reliable – things change, and people make mistakes. Being listed above doesn’t mean the agency is guaranteed or recommended – always do your homework, check and never pay anything until you get a job. Check out my article on how to avoid scam child modeling agencies for advice.

Good luck!

Latest Comments
  1. Janice

    Sorry, second agency should read as:

    New York Models Kids Division

  2. Janice

    Also, add to the list: FFT (Funny Face Today)

    • Marcelett Douglas

      I wholeheartedly agree!!! My son has been getting work through FFT since he was 6 months old. He’s now going on 19 years old and he’s still getting GREAT work! Thanks FFT!

  3. modeling jobs for kids in dc

    Fantastic poat but I wass wanting to know if you could write a litte more on this subject?
    I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate
    a little bit further. Cheers!

    • Gayle Murdaugh

      Where do they do 3 years old kids for modeling

  4. liz Michelle

    I Am Surprised to see Future faces on this list, Future Faces asked us for $1000
    upfront for pictures & Portfolio and showed off kids who are booking work in miami & Ny
    we hesitated in giving in as we were so excited our kid was invited to meet with an agent
    but felt very disappointed the agent had a heavy Russian accent & insisted
    in NY the Portfolio cost so much more money. I said Thanks but No Thanks
    Its sad when Model Agencies attempt to Get Paid before your kids even get a chance to book a job. Parents Dont be Afraid to Walk Away from Scams Even Legit agents Are Money Hungry ! Shame on You !

    • Tatyana

      Thank you very much for sharing your experience with them! It’s so helpful!

      • angie

        we paid $1000..after she took pictures then asked all the parents to write a reviews ..even they told me what to who’s gonna write bad reviews at that office in front them???

      • Mei

        as above comment said,Thank you very much for sharing your experience, i was about to have a trip to NYC to meet this agency!Thank you!

    • mama

      we paid $1000..after she took pictures then asked all the parents to write a reviews ..even they told me what to who’s gonna write bad reviews at that office in front them???

    • Anonymous

      I agree, if you don’t pay for the photo package with Future Faces your child will never book a job through them.

      Nina is quite the scam artist!

    • ana

      The Agency should not ask for any $$$$ when the job is done they get paid.

      if they ask for $$$ RUN !!!

    • alina

      No reputable agency will ever charge for the pictures. If they want to represent your child they will do so without a penny spent on your part. I am talking from our experience. I met with future faces in Miami and also I was offered to spend for their pictures from 600 and up. I walked away as well and also surprised to see them in the top 5. I am searching for a good representation in NY an that where we are right now. Please help us find one as the list is confusing. Thank you

      • Jane

        Both my kids were very successful in print and commercials. One had a role on a daytime drama. All we EVER used were snapshots that I took in our backyard. Never, EVER pay an agent for photos, etc.

        • april

          which agency represented your child? we are in NYC and are interested in signing up my Daughter.

    • Cynthia

      Same here, good for you mom!!!! I was actually surprised to see them listed here as well… They asked for $29 to put my daughter’s professional photos that I already had up on their website if I didn’t want to pay $800 for their photo shoot. I still said no, even though it was just $29 at first… but thats how it starts. If the agency believes in you then they will invest in you.. not the other way around. You go momma, and they should really be taken off of this list!

  5. Lena

    The top agencies should be these ( not in any order)
    NY model managment
    generation Model managment
    product model managment
    Funny Face Today ( FFT)

  6. camille segreti

    I have twins boy and girl,Age 3 You would love them Email me if interest.

  7. Sara

    I heard Generation Model Management is great. Not listed, so what do you think?

  8. Mary

    I agree with the above commenter, I heard TERRIBLE things about Future Faces. Most people note that they ask for a ton of money to keep getting pictures done, and a lot of the kids don’t get sent on auditions/casting or book jobs. I have also they are not very responsive, the woman in charge is supposedly difficult, and lastly, while some of the kids book jobs, it’s more like just a handful who are overly promoted on their website, so it seems like more kids work than they do. I will say I have no personal experience with this agency but I have a friend who did try to work with them and ended up paying a few grand without getting any real opportunities. This reviews online all seem to say the same thing. My friend was upset, angry, and noone there really paid attention. I am not sure why she didn’t do research beforehand.

  9. JèsMom

    I am nee to this and 4 month old son is so photogenic so I would like to thank all of you for posting comments. Check out His Ig @princejq0407. Thsnx again.???

  10. Ron R

    As far as I am concerned, Generation Model Management is top two.

    • Jordan

      Thanks for your advice!(:

  11. Murphyjo

    Looking for an agency for my granddaughter. I see that two of the negative replies regarding Future Faces are supposedly from two different parents, yet have the exact same wording…..Hmmm, very suspicious.

  12. Heather

    Just FYI- Ohlsson Model and Talent based in Wisconsin opened a New York Kids division and is scouting for local talent. We are signed with them and they are legit. You have to provide your headshots but they give you a list of about 15 photographers to choose from with a variety of price ranges. And they work hard. We have had a good experience with them. You can submit directly on their website. I also highly recommend smiley kids photo- very reasonably priced and a wonderful photographer to work with.

  13. Devon

    Trying to decide between two agencies who would both like to represent my baby son…Generation or Take3 Talent…any info to help us decide would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Anonymous

    Future Faces wants to sign my daughter and Model Management is also potentially interested…future faces did not ask us for money…any advice??

  15. Calvin Beaver

    I think my son can be a good candidate for new baby products and clothes. He has a very charming personality for his age. A warm smile and really likes to laugh. Please consider him as one of your new clients?

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