Oklahoma Kid’s Modeling Agencies

Have you ever been approached at the mall by an individual telling you that your child has what it takes to be a model? Have agencies promised that your child could make it big if only you had a bit of training and a professional photography session? These companies are far and wide in Oklahoma, and parents who want their child to have a real chance at a modeling career should take precaution.

Legit Oklahoma Child Modeling Agency

A legitimate Oklahoma modeling schools wants talented individuals who meet the look they are trying to fill. They’re not wasting time with all of these other things. They’ll contact you when a client has a need for your look, if they contact you at all.

It is not difficult to spot a legitimate child modeling in Oklahoma, but we’re here to help you make it a bit easier with a listing of the best Oklahoma child modeling agencies.

Take a look at some of the most trusted modeling agencies located in the state of Oklahoma. They’ll help you- and your child- get their foot into the door of a great modeling career.

Brink Model Management

Brink Model Management began in 2009. The modeling agency is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, and offers representation for females 14 and older and males 16 and older. Brink works with top-of-the-line clients found in major modeling markets including NYC.

Magna Talent Agency

Magna Talent Agency is an Oklahoma City based modeling agency for kids.  They offer representation for children throughout the state, as they have been since 1991. There are no fees associated with representation from this modeling agency. There is a 15% charge once a child has booked a gig.

Linda Laymen Agency

The Linda Laymen Agency is located in Tulsa. This agency offers child model representation for all ages. Submissions of photographs can be sent via mail, email or fax. Submissions should show your child naturally, free of makeup.  With more than 40 years in the modeling industry, the Linda Layman Agency is an organization you can count on to help your child succeed.

Nearby Modeling Agencies for Kids

Texas is nearby Oklahoma and offers a number of modeling agencies offering representation for children. If you are willing to commit to making short trips, finding an agent in Dallas, Houston or Austin could provide your child with many additional opportunities than what could be found in Oklahoma.

There are many children who want to make it in the world of modeling. Your child must stand out and prove that he or she has what it takes to model. It isn’t saying that your child isn’t beautiful if  he doesn’t make it, however he isn’t what the agency is seeking. Before you submit anything to any modeling agency ensure that you have great photos and a well put-together portfolio for your child.

With patience good things can happen. It takes plenty of it when entering the world of children’s modeling. Keep  trying and in time you could find a modeling agency who can represent your child.


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  1. Amanda drake

    Hi, I would like to know how to get some pics of my son to you. He is 7 and loves to get his picture taken and model clothes. I am in OKC.

  2. Naowarat Hawkins

    Hi I just need to see if i can get my son in for model he it a reallly good with ppl he it 5 years old

  3. Tamara Betts

    Hello I would like to get my four year old into modeling. We are willing to travel if needed.I just need to know how to get some pictures to you. If you could email me back soon that would be great thanks in advance!!

  4. Se'Mya Phanor

    Hi I’m semya I love to model clothes and take pictures with me in them I am 13 and live in Oklahoma City

  5. Aby Jimenez

    I want to see if I could model for an agencie or someone I have dreamed of modeling my whole 13 years of life! Please contact me if needed

  6. Tammy Boyd

    Hello. I am brand new to all of this but my daughter is 15 & interested in a possible modeling career. I know I need to have some photos taken of her but what should that consist of? When I say I’m new to this, I mean I literally have no idea where to even start. Thank you for your time.

  7. Honesty Earp

    My baby girl will be 3 in September. She is so full of personality. She isn’t around many kids so she has a very large vocabulary and speaks as if she is an adult as well, apart from her silliness. I would love to get her into modeling and/or acting and would love some information about getting started!

  8. sabreena mota

    Hi there! I would just like to get some info on how to be excepted into this agency for my 5 year old!

  9. iesha

    My name is iesha Pippins i am 14 years old and wanted to model since i was 4 this will be a pleasure to model. For me Hope you pick me!

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