Rhode Island Child Modeling Tips

If you are interested in a modeling career for your child or teen there are a few things that you must keep in mind. There are many possibilities for child models in the Rhode Island and surrounding area, however you must also be realistic.

A few things to keep in mind when entering the world of child modeling:

  • You are not Alone

There are thousands of parents who also have dreams of their child making it in the modeling world. Keep this in mind when submitting your child’s portfolio to an agency.

  • It takes Time

Nothing happens overnight, at least not a career in modeling. It is a must that you understand it could take months, even years to get your child’s modeling career started and successful.

  • Good Photographs are a Must

There is no reason for professional portraits (unless, of course, you want them,) however it is imperative that you submit high-quality photos to the agencies of your choosing. These photos are the only introduction the agency has to your child, therefore your child should speak a thousand words in these pictures.

  • You need a good Agent

Rhode Island has a need for child models. And, considering its bordering states, work is within a short drive as well. But, if you want to find this work you will need a good agent to represent your child.

Tons of agencies are available in Rhode Island, though not all are worthy of your time. Here are a few of the most recommended child modeling agents in Rhode Island.

Donahue Models & Talent: Located in East Greenwich, Donahue Models & Talents serves models 4 years old and up. For acceptance parents must submit an application online. The application should contain two photographs of the child in natural lighting. Donahue Models has been serving the needs of Rhode Island child models for numerous years.

The Beauty Within: This Westerly, Rhode Island Modeling agency offers submission of new talent in one of three methods. First, children ages 2 and over can attend an open call event. This event is held the 3rd Monday of each month. Submissions are also accepted via e-mail and postal mail.  The Beauty Within has been serving Rhode Island clients since 2004. With its close proximity to many fashion markets, children have a highly likelihood of being placed with more jobs.

Safari Modeling: Safari Modeling is a Providence based modeling agency helping child models find work with top clients throughout Rhode Island as well as the surrounding areas. Interested parties should submit their information with photographs on the Safari Modeling website.

Keep in mind there are also agents in Pennsylvania, New York and other states that can also provide you with immaculate service. It may be worth your time to check these agencies out in addition to those located within the state.

Upon following these tips and contacting a great modeling agency your child can have an amazing career in modeling no matter their age. It takes time, patience and persistence, but it can be accomplished.

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  1. Dakota Goode

    Hello I am very interested in furthering my daughter into modeling. She is very energetic and she loves being in front of a camera since she can identify what it was. Nothing makes her light up so much then when she is making videos and taken pictures. So I thought this would be a good fit for her other then playing a sport or cheer leading. We are not doing this for money or fame we are simply doing this for pure fun. See my child loves it so why not give her something she loves to do.

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