South Dakota Child Modeling Agencies

Child modeling in South Dakota offers your precious offspring the opportunity to enjoy a rewarding career and so much more. While the need for child models isn’t as great in South Dakota as in other states, there are still opportunities available for kids of all ages. The key to entering the world of child modeling is finding a good agent.

Be a Little Weary

With the lesser need for child models in South Dakota, it is important that you always keep an eye out for scams and other unworthy modeling agencies. Take caution with any South Dakota child modeling agency that offers any of the following:

  • Guarantees: No modeling agency can guarantee a model work. If you encounter an agency promising you work, run the other way.
  • Photography: If an agency requires you to purchase a photo package from a specific photographer, chances are they’re not an agency you want to deal with.
  • Representation Fees: Are there representation or registration fees? Don’t pay them!   A legitimate modeling agency will never require such fees.
  • Website Fees: Are there costs associated with listing your name on the website? Another sign that you might want to continue the search for an agency.
  • Classes: A child model agency that offers classes, workshops, and other training is a company to avoid. Likely they’re only after getting your child to take these classes.

Great Modeling Agencies in South Dakota

Seems as if there is plenty of modeling schools and agencies in South Dakota that fall into one of the above scam categories. It can be frustrating to waste time dealing with a company like this, not to mention drainful the wallet if you aren’t careful.

There are very few legitimate agencies in South Dakota to choose from. This means parents interested in a modeling career for their child may need to take a short trip across state lines . Nearby states such as Minnesota and Illinois have a greater modeling market.

Parents can also contact local businesses to learn if they are in need of child models, as well as how they choose the kids they will use for commercials and other advertisements. This could put your child on the forefront for many local gigs without the drive while also helping your child establish a name for themselves.

Caryn Model Agency is located in Minneapolis, and an excellent choice for parents with children and modeling dreams. The agency has been around since 1990, placing children in various forms of modeling gigs, all paying well. If your child has the special look that only a model possesses, submission of photographs to this company is a must. They can represent children in South Dakota ages 4 and older.

The Peak Agency is in Des Moines,  another modeling agency worth the drive. This agency works with models around the coast, with more than 500 clients. Children 4 and older are accepted for representation.

Use the above options to help your child into modeling. It may take time and effort, but the results will be well-worth the trouble and the time.

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    I am age 10, And my name is Ashley Lynn Dean I want to be a model and a news reporter when I grow up. Well why wait when I can start now and plus I am really good at posing I also love clothes and acting, well that’s my story


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