Talent Agents for Child Models in Indiana

Child modeling is plenty of fun for both parent and child, not to mention a hobby that can turn into a great hunk of change when working with the best modeling agency in Indiana. Newborns, babies, toddlers, children and teens are all needed for appearances in ads, commercials, magazines, promotions and more, and with the right agency it will be your child gaining exposure, appearances, gigs and cash.

The Many Child Modeling Agencies in Indiana

Several modeling agencies are scattered throughout the state of Indiana, providing children a chance at modeling. Some of these agencies are legitimate, offering major clients who are really in need of child models. Others, however, provide only false promises and a ton of money out of your bank account.

It is usually pretty obvious to scope out a modeling agency that is out to get your money. They’ll make it far too easy to get a foot in the door, though their only goal is to sell you expensive classes, seminars or photography packages. Others promise or guarantee that your child will find work as a model, something no legitimate agency would ever do.

Top Talent Agencies in Indiana

Take a look at the few of the state’s top choices in talent agents for their modeling children. These modeling agencies can assist you in taking your child’s career to new heights and will never waste your time with useless classes and money out of the pocket.

The QuickBook Agency

The QuickBook Agency has been around since 1973, providing child modeling clients with work with agencies such as Johnson & Johnson, New Line Cinema, CBS, Coca Cola, Teen Vogue and many others.

This agency accepts applications for talent both on their website as well as by mail. It takes an average of 6 to 8 weeks for these packages to be reviewed. It is also important to note that only those with interest to clients will be contacted.

ACT II Modeling & Talent

This modeling agency assists newborns – up in finding an amazing career modeling in print, commercial, ads and more. They’ve been around for over 20 years, providing the assurance you need when hiring an agent. There are no upfront costs and plenty of opportunities that await.

Indy Models

Indy Models is located in Indianapolis. They accept children ages 3 to 12 for modeling events, as well as teens for a number of modeling opportunities.  This agency considers individuals only living within a 100-mile radius of the office. Indy Models charges no upfront fees and earns only when children are placed at a job. Commissions average 20%. Applicants can apply online or by mail, ensuring that there are two photos included with the submission.

Contact as many of these agencies as possible and discover the many benefits and opportunities that could await your child with the help of a good child modeling agency in Indiana. They are sure to put a smile on your face while ensuring that your child gets his foot in the door of modeling.




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