Top 10 Adorable Frowning Kids

As a bit of a break from our non-stop advice about how to succeed at child modeling casting calls, how to find reputable child modeling agencies, and how to get started as a child model, I thought it would be nice to post some really sweet photos I found of frowning kids!

It’s important to make sure your child has fun when they’re modeling to make sure they don’t end up with a face like this. Check out these grumpy child models – I think they’re all adorable!

Start Young

Photo by hfb

Alex really doesn't want to be at Filene's

Photo by Spamily

Little Princess Girl Wearing Crown

Photo by PinkStock Photos!

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Bloom Frown

Photo by Nganguyen

Sad Asian Girl

Photo by MyTudut

School Girl at Wall

Photo by PinkStock Photos!


Photo by camerondaigle

Aren’t they great?!

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