Top Oregon Modeling Agents for Kids

Oregon children wishing to pursue a career in modeling must find a reputable modeling agency in which will represent them. While there is not as great of a demand in Oregon for child models, the need for children to appear in magazines, commercials, newspapers and more is still there.

Many local and national companies look for children in Oregon for their modeling needs, and if your child is registered with one of the great modeling agencies, it could be your child the next to appear in a modeling gig.  Registering requires nothing more than submission of your child’s portfolio or photograph package.

Once an agency accepts your child for representation an interview is often scheduled. This interview will help the agency gain a better understanding of your child and the talents they can offer. This type of interview is usually reserved for children 5 years of age and older. After the interview it is decided if your child is model material and put in the reserve for a call when an agency needs their talent.

There are a few different Oregon child modeling agencies out there. These agencies provide representation for babies and children as well as teens, offering gigs with top brands and in a variety of settings. In between the actual modeling agents in need of your child for their clients you are bound to stumble upon many modeling schools and other gimmicks. Avoid these no matter how appealing they may seem.

It is unlikely your child will need hundreds of comp cards or resumes, nor will they need to attend a modeling class for six-weeks. A legitimate Oregon child modeling agency will look at your child for talent, not to attend a class, orientation or other waste of time modeling scheme.

If you have contacted an agency insisting on modeling classes, comp cards or photography or sales items, continue your search as it is likely such a company will not take your child very far in their endeavors.

One of the best child modeling agencies in Oregon is Model & Talent management. Based in Portland, this child modeling agency has been representing talent for more than 23 years. They assist kids of all ages with an exciting modeling career with professional services and major gigs. There are no costs associated with working with the agency.

Option Model & Media is another awesome Oregon based modeling agency for kids. This modeling agency accepts kids 9 months of age and older. The agency is located in Portland. Submissions for child models are accepted via email. There is no cost required for your child to work with Option Model & Media.

Do not allow your hopes and dreams of a modeling career for your child to go down the drain when there are many companies out there who can provide your child the representation they need. Contact those listed above, as well as agencies in the nearby area, and in no time your child will be well on their way to an amazing career in modeling in Oregon.

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  1. Hannah

    Hello u would like to go into the modeling busness. I have a couple of queastions thought. Does it cost money. Also do you have a appropriate makeup and clothing sorry for my spelling mistakes I’m using a phone. Please email me back I would love to model.

    • Paige

      I want to be a model but I am very short for my age. I know I could do it, but everyone wants a tall tween/teen model. I am only 5’2ish. Is there a way I could model? Also I don’t want to pay a lot for modeling but I want a good agency! Is there any information you can give me.

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