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While it is true your child will not be discovered as the next child model of the year while shopping at Bay Park Square or at an antique shopping center in Green Bay, the need for child models still exists in the state of Wisconsin. Every single day kids of all ages are needed for magazine ads, commercial spots, TV shows, clothing and baby product shows and more. When your child is with a top modeling agency in Wisconsin it could be your telephone ringing for a bug job.

Getting your child discovered is a bit more difficult if you do not live in New York City or Los Angeles , but there is still plenty of opportunity if you are willing to go out and get it. You must be willing to take the proper steps for your child to gain exposure and representation, making it in the world of modeling.

Top Wisconsin Modeling Agencies

The Rock Agency is located in Madison, Wisconsin. The modeling agents work with children throughout Wisconsin, but in other areas as well. The Rock Agency was founded in 1969 and has established themselves as a solid modeling agency in those 40+ years. Those who choose to work with this agent will always be provided with professional services by top executives in the industry.

First Choice Talent is a Green Bay modeling agency representing children of all ages. This agency began serving the area in 1991 and continues to be a name that so many turn to when seeking modeling representation. In order to be considered for representation by First Choice parents will need to submit photographs of their child. This can be done by email or regular mail.    If there is an interest for your child a representative of the agency will contact you within a few weeks.

Each of these agencies look for children of various ages to represent major companies in ads, commercials, TV spots and more. Both are reputable and require no modeling classes or expensive packages to be purchased to acquire representation. They earn their money only when children are booked on assignments, with commission ranging from 10 to 20%.

Getting your Child’s Career Started

These are only two of the most trusted agencies in the state accepting child models. It is in your best interest to contact each of them to discover the possibilities that could await your child. While you’re at it, take a look at modeling agents in surrounding states. Many times a short drive could greatly increase the possibility of finding a great agent who will land jobs for your child.

Remember, there are opportunities in modeling for children of all ages if you are willing to work with the best agencies in the state as well as set your eyes further. It takes only a bit of your time as well as a little research to find a modeling agency that is worth your while. With the right modeling agent your child could find an absolutely amazing modeling career.

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  1. Pamela Garcia

    I am interested in signing my daughter Lyana up to model, She is a beautiful 4 year old diva. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

  2. Ryan Roling


    My almost-13-year-old daughter is interested in your modeling agency. What is the process of applying or trying.

    Ryan Roling

  3. DeAnn Bennett

    You haven’t seen a star until you see mine. I will send you one picture but be prepared to be amazed.

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